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That Girl Is Poison

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Happy Jennaversary!

Spencer: "Don't look now, but The Flute is on her way over here. With envelopes."
Emily: "Of what?"
Spencer: "Anthrax, probably. Hey bitch, what do you want?"
Jenna: "Ladies! I was just coming over to invite you to my birthday party! Pass these invites along to Aria and Hanna, okay? Really hope to see you there."
Spencer: "Hey Jenna, remember how we agreed to keep your blindness secret so that you would be safe? You are kind of ruining that deal."
Jenna: "New deal. I feel a lot safer when I'm in charge of what happens to me."
Spencer: "We could be such good friends. If you weren't always raping my boyfriend, I mean."

Emily: "Do you think there will be a shit-ton of booze at this party? Just curious, no reason."


Hot Hipster Boss Kevin: "Emily, you know that party you were invited to, at the same time as your date with Paige?"
Emily: "Yeah, I'm not going to that. I hate that girl. That blind awful girl."
Kevin: "By the scarf around my neck, you will be working that birthday party. The theme will be coffee, I guess. Her party planner appears to be gifted director and actress Melanie Mayron."
Emily: "Who? I only know about Twitter."
Kevin: "She's great. She basically played the Aria Montgomery on thirtysomething."
Emily: "Yikes!"
Kevin: "Yeah, the '80s were pretty brutal."

Melissa Steadman: "Hey, I'm a photographer or something."
Jenna: "Lady, this is my best buddy Emily. She's really happy I'm not blind anymore. Could you get us some decaf? And close that curtain to protect my eyeballs?"
Emily: "Yeah, but only so I can eavesdrop."
Melissa: "Anyway, I fired my assistant. He was always setting fires and bashing up memorials and getting thrown out of boats."
Emily: "...What are the odds?"
Melissa: "Luckily, I still have the negatives of these pictures he took. They may or may not be pictures of some little girls standing around an open grave. Edgy stuff!"

Cousin Nate: "Emily, I have urgent news! Garrett is getting out!"
Emily: "He'll be handcuffed the whole time, and like I get why you're mad, but stop yelling in public."
Nate: "No, I do not approve of compassionate furloughs!"
Emily: "Girl, listen to me. I agree with you, but you need to shut up. Got me?"

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