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Happy Jennaversary!

Spencer: "He finally picked some flowers for his stupid mom in her stupid coma... He's moving his lips while he writes a note for them..."
Emily: "Why would he do that? They can't read. Also, she's in a coma."
Spencer: "Clearly it is a mysterious message to another person. Clearly."
Wilden: "Hey, Spence!"
Spencer: "Gotta go, it's the fuzz. I guess I should have been less conspicuous!"

Wilden: "I mean, I get it. He killed like several of your friends. But the other part is, show some class. His mom's in a coma."
Spencer: "I'm not even here to spy on him, that was just bonus extra. I am here for [stuttering lies]."
Wilden: "You used to be a much better liar."
Spencer: "Yeah right, because I've always been so cool under pressure."


Paige: "Hey Emily! I was so busy picking out my lesbian hat I forgot to bring a gift... What are you staring at?"
Emily: "Cousin Nate, who is also wearing a lesbian hat. Everybody here is wearing a lesbian hat, actually. This is some kind of weird party, huh? Hats, coffee, a Christmas tree, giant mushrooms, a wall of snowglobes..."
Paige: "...All taking place in near-absolute darkness, yeah. Well, maybe it's just approximating the chaos inside her mind."
Emily: "You'd have thought the theme would be, I don't know. Spiders. Fog. Ticking clocks somewhere you can't see. Trees without leaves. Scary rustling noises. Water dripping upwards, in defiance of physics."

Incidentally, that's exactly how I always imagined sex with James Franco.


Hanna steals a jacket? Not sure why -- is she reverting, or is it a clue, or...? -- but Ted catches her and it's embarrassing. She pays for it, and asks where the box came from so I guess it's a clue. I don't know, she'll explain it in a second... Yup:

Hanna: "Emily, I just found your grey jacket from That Night. Didn't Spencer burn your clothes like she burns everything? In a cleansing fire? Call me back!"


Emily: "Nate, why are you even here? Are you undercover too?"
Nate: "No, I'm just into Jenna. She was all over me."
Emily: "Don't talk to that bitch. She will ruin you."

Paige: "What is Emily doing talking to that guy? I better go insane one more time. Good thing I have this flask full of roofies with me."

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