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Touch Of Weevil
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In addition to teaching a graduate-level year-long course in The Great Gatsby, Ezra Fitz is also mounting a production of The Bad Seed -- used to brilliant and unusual effect in this week's script -- so of course all the Liars, even Mona and Jenna, are totally going to try out. They discuss the basics of the play in such a way that there's no exposition but you remember the basic deal, and Hanna gets awesome immediately: "Why do I have to read the whole play? I don't wanna be the Bad Seed's mother, I want the other mother -- the one who's drunk all the time."

Even the other girls are impressed by how hilarious that one was, and we do some quick reminders of where everybody's at: Hanna's boarding a Cyberwolf in her basement, Mona is a selfish bitch, Aria gave her boyfriend/their teacher a necktie he is currently wearing, Spencer finds this amusing because older dudes are kind of her thing, and everybody wants to be involved in this play but most especially Aria, because she is a stalker of Ezra. Oh, and Spencer is now Toby's only friend even though Emily is the one that domesticated him in the first place, because Emily has a new crazy person to deal with but also because Spencer and Toby are obvs going to smooch sometime soon.

So then creepy Jenna shows up and her deal is that she would like to compose some creepy flute music for the play, because she loves The Bad Seed, because she is the creepiest person that ever lived: "It's one of my favorites, the theme is so inspiring. I'm fascinated by the Nature Of Evil!"

Who says that? Creepsters. (And but thanks for the only truly heavy-handed thing in this episode, the way everybody keeps having these meaningful conversations about the Nature Of Evil like that's something actual people would actually converse about.)

All the girls have chills and wigginses for the rest of the day, and the creepiness of Jenna follows them home to the point where Spencer -- wearing both in dreams and reality the skinniest of Bad-Seed pigtails -- dreams that Ian and Melissa's devil baby has been born and is crawling around downstairs in her house, picking up knives and cooking all scary like her dad, and going Mama! at the worst possible times. (In the play, Rhoda's biological mother was a serial killer.)

Finally Spencer wakes up, and Ian's down there taping boxes closed and opening other boxes and stuff, memorabilia -- golf trophies covered in rat blood, the usual stuff -- and when he asks for her help it's in a threateningly unthreatening way: "It's a tape gun, Spence. You won't get hurt."

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