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Spencer Vs. Human Emotion
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Alison was menaced by A before she even died, which we didn't know about until Halloween; whatever messages she was getting from A went unnoticed once her box of stuff was given to Aria, but it's something A was willing to beat Emily mercilessly to get back. (I hadn't put that together with Halloween for some reason.) They ran over A and got her cell phone. What else. Aria and Holden are each other's beards, and half the creeps in this town were all in the same creepy club, back in the day. Noel broke up with Mona and Spencer broke up with Toby, for different reasons... Oh, and Caleb became an Honorary Liar, which is still bugging Hanna.


Liars: "Hanna, stop fucking around and give us the evidence Caleb decrypted."
Hanna: "This is a most dangerous game, but fine."
Aria: "Since it was clearly never Lucas to blame for anything, and he's off in his other gay gambling addiction storyline we barely know about, I'm back to thinking it was Garrett that attacked Emily."
Emily: "That would be sad. Every friend I have eventually tries to stuff me in a trunk. I guess this means Spencer's going to date him when Jenna's done."
Hanna: "Let this be the end, please, of Caleb's involvement in this deal."
Spencer: "Focus. Let's see what has been uncovered on my tiny, tiny netbook."

The video -- "I know you wanna kiss me," Ian getting dressed after they did it in the dirt -- switches to a new thing: Ian secretly recording creepy doings in Ali's bedroom. Garrett leads Jenna in, and everybody wonders where the other member of the NAT Club is, namely Jason.

Ian: "Okay, Alison still won't give us our videos, so we got problems."
Garrett: "This is all your fault. I knew you'd go too far, and those secret videos are going to bite us in the ass. That's why I tried to leave the NAT Club."
Ian: "Just shut up and help me search the bitch's bedroom for our secret videos."

Are these just the Peeping Tom ones or what? I hope it's even worse than that. The Liars realize Caleb must have watched this, which puts him into more danger. Garrett finds that secret box, and the video goes dead.

Spencer: "Okay, so solve the problem and then we'll all be safe. Including our boyfriends and girlfriends."
Hanna: "I'm not great with time management as it is."
Liars: "What we have learned is that the NAT Club -- including Jenna -- was in Ali's bedroom the night she died. Despite everything they've claimed."

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