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The Blonde Leading The Blind

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Spencer Vs. Human Emotion

Of course, being Spencer, she immediately tells him this.

Caleb: "Yeah, that's another thing. You are going to have to tell me at least a little something. Like for example what it is that Hanna's so afraid of me finding."
Liars: "Well, it's not exactly like a 'thing' that we can 'tell' you. The key to the treasure is, in this case, the treasure itself. It's more of a vast dreamlike conspiracy of rapists and ghosts and blind people that doesn't make a shitload of sense. So the thing that Hanna's mostly concerned about is you learning anything that would make you a target. Starting with everything you already know, and then sort of building out from there."

Caleb: "How weird, because it would be really hard to lie to Hanna about that, since it's not actually a thing."
Liars: "Exactly. That's why we're ... like this all the time."


Ella: "Hey, blissed-out looking wet girl. Where's your date?"
Aria: "He had to go back to his offfffff... Holden. My date Holden. No idea. I am great at this."
Ella: "What the shit is going on?"
Holden, appearing: "I was just getting us ice cream! Thanks for the ride, Mrs. M!"

Aria is as charmed as we are by Holden's magic powers; her smile is even moreso. His too. I love their fake relationship more than any other relationship on this show. Other than whatever one Noel Kahn is in.


Spencer: "Facts are these. I just told Caleb that Jenna and Garrett are trying to frame us for the murder, and Ian didn't do it. And then I told him we need to talk about the rest of it."
Aria: "'We' meaning 'everybody but Hanna,' again."
Spencer: "Whatever. Focus. I told him just enough."
Emily: "And maybe his information is useless and we don't have to use him anymore."
Spencer, archly: "So we're hoping that nothing's on here, huh?"
Emily: "You're right, I'm an idiot."

Spencer cues it back to the place it froze, tapping keys: "Come on! Dance, you little bastards." And dance they do.

They hear Alison coming, and scatter like ants, but then Ian pulls an amazing move: The whole secret-camera thing was about keeping Garrett in the NAT Club by filming him going through Alison's shit. With Ali heading up the stairs, Ian and Garrett tussle, and the video ends. Amazing.

Emily: "Sooooo I guess we're going to keep using Caleb, then. Because that was some good shit."
Spencer: "Yeah, it's real sad and he'll probably die. But clues!"

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Pretty Little Liars




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