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Spencer Vs. Human Emotion

They think about giving the tape to the cops, and then Toby's truck arrives back in Spencer's yard, driven by a ghost! Where did the driver go? Why is Toby out of the hospital so early? Did the Wren story drive him around the bend? They go outside to investigate; Toby is nowhere to be seen. His keys are still there, as well as a Goodbye Forever note for Spencer.


Being the worst shipper of them all, it's no surprise A has a wall of everybody kissing: Hanna and Caleb, Aria kissing Ezra with her hair looking amazing, the photobooth pictures with Maya from a million years ago, and Spencer in the truck. What is somewhat more surprising, however, is what A does next, which is to take down the Ezria picture, cut it up the middle, and set Ezra on fire. I hear ya, girl. I hear ya.

Oh! And then next, Toby's picture goes in there. And the third picture? Maya or Caleb? Will we ever find out? Well, considering that this whole episode was about the Liars teaming up to make sure A kills the shit out of Caleb makes you wonder.


A comes back after Emily, Spencer cries even more, Caleb maybe gets arrested, and of course Hanna puts it all together and comes after everybody with her hair full of snakes. And as for Noel Kahn? I think he'll be okay. At least I hope so.

Often called "the Paz de la Huerta of American letters," JACOB CLIFTON is a freelance writer and critic based in Austin, Texas. He currently recaps Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, Pretty Little Liars and True Blood for TWoP. Jacob can be found online at, on Twitter, and on Facebook. IRL work appears in BenBella's SmartPop series of anthologies, most recently A Friday Night Lights Companion and Fringe Science.

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