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Spencer Vs. Human Emotion

Emily: "Okay but like you saw the video. Garrett looked in the box, and whatever he was looking at was weird. We like weird things, and A is obsessed with the box, so let's just leave Caleb in danger a little while longer."
Hanna: "I am going to keep bitching about this until something horrible happens to him. Also, though, we have an actual video of all our suspects going through the dead girl's shit in her bedroom and calling her a bitch..."

That Ali doll from Halloween's head pops open, revealing the original threat:

It's my turn to torture you. And there's more! Flip it over. You think you're safe on the outside, but you're not when I'm on the inside. And there's more! Flip it over again! That can't be right. Oh, they're all holding different threats. Got it. You scared yet? You should be, bitch. That's when it starts sounding familiar. The last one's on a bit of ruined cardstock, with a little blood on it: Next time it'll be your face, not this pumpkin.


She led them to her house after the prank, uttering these Jungian truths -- "I've never been this way before..." "Back alleys and backyards have always been the best way to my house..." -- and just as Ali was saying something bitchy about Melissa and Ian's relationship, they came upon porch carnage: Ruined pumpkins on Alison's porch, spooky choir singing, and a knife in the face of a pumpkin stabbed through an invite to Noel Kahn's Halloween party they'd all been at.

Alison made that sad face she always made about the NAT Club, but pretended to blow it off, and then -- although the Liars plead exhaustion, after her horrible prank -- she seduced them into staying, so she wouldn't be alone.


Aria turns up the corner, revealing A's signature, and the girls finally realize that A was after Alison long before she died. Awesome! Do you think this will come up again in the episode, even though it's massively important? Doubtful!


Noel and his friends whisper mean things about poor broken Mona, and Hanna finally comes over to talk to her about the breakup.

Mona: "I thought we were friends..."
Hanna: "Noel? He's a horrible friend! He kills people! He impersonates gynecologists! He plays the guitar so Aria will sing!"
Mona: "No, you idiot! I'm talking about you! You've been ignoring me for days!"

Mona takes off, snagging a necklace out of her locker on the way, and Hanna just tries to figure out how to make Mona stop being angry at her for being what is admittedly a really bad friend. Hanna's always got the most real-life problems. Like, yes, accidentally killing Lucas or the lasagna money were pretty outlandish, but not when you compare it to Spencer dating a blind girl's sexual assault victim, or like the entirety of Ezra Fitz's existence.

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