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Spencer Vs. Human Emotion

Sad. Always assumed Hanna would get him, somehow.


Spencer: "Oh my God, I'm glad you're okay."
Toby: "I'm just lucky your mom came home."
Spencer: "What would be lucky is if my mom ever came home."
Toby: "Please stop freaking out. Sometimes you just almost get murdered."

Wren comes in and she and Spencer are sparkly and delightful with each other as usual, and Toby clues into the fact that Spencer ruined her sister's last five relationships, and then runs off with a worldly giggle and a little arabesque.

Toby: "Something you wanna tell me? Like were you doing that adorable little Englishman while you were breaking up with me?"
A: "Or that I am the one that nearly murdered him?"
Spencer: "Nope. Nothing to report."


Hanna: "Well. I'm glad Toby survived. I can't help thinking, though, that this kind of proves my point."
Aria: "But it's confusing because if this is the NAT Club doing this, then that's like saying Jenna would kill Toby, right? Do you honestly think Jenna would do that? Hurt her own stepbrother?"
Hanna: "Think about what you just said."
Aria: "Point taken. But I mean, if not the brother thing then maybe the fact that she's probably still in love with him?"
Emily: "Maybe, like usual, they're just trying to scare us."
Aria: "Or maybe because she broke up with Garrett she's back on the Toby train."


Jenna appears in Toby's hospital room just as he's waking up, and immediately starts yelling at him about why the fuck he would go back to Spencer's house after she specifically ordered him otherwise. I don't know what it's about, and I'm unclear on this one line of dialogue that's either, "It's not safe, with those girls" or -- and I think maybe I just want her to be saying this, but it sounds more like this -- "It's not safe for those girls" for him to be there. I don't know. Everything's so weird when she's around and you never know what the fuck anybody is talking about, so go with it.

Either way, though, Toby-and-Jenna scenes are a rare and fascinating thing. When she sits down on the bed, you jump back just like him. And as for what they talk about... You be the judge. I think Toby knows a lot more than we think he does, but a lot less than he thinks he does, if you know what I mean.

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