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Spencer Vs. Human Emotion

Jenna: "You need to be stronger."
Toby: "I don't want any advice from you..."
Jenna: "Who else is there? That knows you as well as I do? That cares about you as much as I do?"
Toby, shrinking away: "Spencer..."
Jenna: "You know you'll never be happy with her! You'll never be at peace. She's haunted, Toby. I know a little bit about that."
Toby: "You shouldn't be here."
Jenna, through her teeth: "I'm the only person who should be here. We're family! Whether you like it or not."

No idea. But I love it. I don't think we've ever looked this in the face before. Like, we've seen them interact before, but not in this way. I feel like big stuff is moving around and we can't see it yet. You know what I mean?


Hanna's getting out snacks when Caleb comes over, and she breathlessly ushers him in. He is finally like, what the fuck is this really about.

Caleb: "This about Alison DiLaurentis's murder, isn't it? Why are you looking into a crime somebody already confessed to? Do you think somebody else killed her? Somebody in this video? Just tell me what's going on, so I can stop imagining the worst."
Hanna: "Trust me, it's not as bad as you think."
Caleb: "I can protect you. I can handle it."
Hanna: "Uh, no. I can't handle it. I am afraid for you. Just stop working for us, please."
Caleb: "Heard that. Especially considering those people in the videos have been following me around town..."

Suddenly, Hanna grabs the thumb drive out of his hands and throws it into... Her blender. It's a nice blender, but I'm not sure that's going to help. Also, that was a total Hanna move. What are you even thinking? I hope Spencer fully punches her in the face.


Emily catches Jenna coming out of Toby's room and jumps right up her ass. Jenna responds by first of all calling her out for having a crush on Toby, breezes by Emily being gay in a nasty way, and then laughs in Emily's face when she offers to kick her ass for her.

So it is that Spencer's coming out of the elevator right as Jenna is bitching Emily out for bringing Toby into it at all... Which is a very awesome thing to have happen, because (as usual) Jenna is right about all of it. I mean, the implied "so I could continue to rape my brother" part is implied, but on the face of it, "you brought him into your circle where everybody eventually gets hurt or killed" does have some merit.

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