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Spencer Vs. Human Emotion

Spencer literally jumps out of Jenna's way as she's leaving, and just to add an extra scary spice on top, Jenna hisses Spencer on her way onto the elevator. Just simply "Spencer."

Jenna out. Nobody drops the mic like that bitch. Nobody.


Ella: "So, did Toby die?"
Aria: "Nope, just broke his arm."
Ella: "And what about your little date in Philadelphia, what's that about?"
Aria: "I thought he could use some acculturation, so we're going to this old place that our families actually went to when you were kids."
Ella: "I'm going to say something weird and leading about how the Montgomerys also have a haunted cabin, and then change the subject entirely to how my version of parenting this week is to drive you to the city and leave you there, instead of letting you drive yourself."


Spencer: "Once again, Jenna was right. I have to break up with Toby forever. Can you do me a favor?"
Emily: "Anything, you know that."
Spencer: "No, this one might actually make you hate me. But it's the only thing I can think of."
Emily: "A patently destructive Spencer plan that will hurt everybody and make me hate you? Absolutely. I am in. What else are friends for, if not to ruin each other's lives?"

Uh, let me guess, because ruining Toby's life for his own good is like their favorite hobby. She's going to call the cops and tell them he's squatting at a church and about to leave their jurisdiction? Because that gets your ass kidnapped. Emily will tell ya.

Emily: "Toby, we need to talk."
Toby: "It's just my arm. I hate when you face that face my face makes."
Emily: "Before you dated Spencer, she was seeing somebody else. It was a bad idea, no matter how cute he is, but this time she's thinking..."
Toby: "-- What."
Emily: "Shit is about to get weird again. Spencer has wanted to tell you think for a long time..."
Toby: "Long time, huh?"
Emily: "Damn it Fields, don't improvise. Uh, I have to go."
Toby: "Just tell me who it is."


Holden: "Is it weird, lying to your parents like that all the time? Because Ella is pretty much the fucking best."
Aria: "Yeah, but lying to people is all I do, so... Are you trying to talk me out of this?"
Holden: "No! I love fake-dating you."
Aria: "Me too but like why?"
Holden: "Your friends think I'm gay, huh."
Aria: "Yeah. Which is fine! Be gay!"
Holden: "No it's cool because I'm pretty gay, but no. I'm not gay."
Aria, verbatim: "Okay, then what are you?"
Holden: "Outta here."

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