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The Devil You Know

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How after Rosewood pitchfork-and-torching everybody, for months, with that tribute thing and coming after poor Toby and then even Spencer, and then coming after the Liars for being obsessed, and now finally they can all just breathe and attend to the billion other hassles of living and be a town again.

And then the perversity of knowing that it's not over, that it's never over, that like even if you could get Emily to shut up about the inconsistencies -- knowing in the back of your head that she's right, that it's not over, that nothing was solved -- you're still getting blackmailed by A about the ring, or worried about Caleb's foster mother, or tormented by Jackie Molina's Website Page and Jason DiLaurentis's hairless torso, or in over your head with this whole college scholarship thing. You know?


Emily: "Hey Aria, why are you staring at Jason? Why's he even here?"
Aria: "At the funeral of his sister's murderer?"
Emily: "I'm so sure Ian killed her. Anyway, I still don't like him. I didn't like him at his sister's funeral, and I didn't like him when we thought he had Ian in his yard, and I don't like him now."
Aria: "Or else he's just a sad hunky dude that I crushed on and secretly crushed on me back and now is in need of a hug."

Ezra: "Aria, I so wish that this funeral could have been our date."
Aria: "Ezra, if a funeral for a pedophile murderer who killed my best friend isn't the appropriate place to declare our love for each other, I don't know what is."
Ezra: "Yeah, I see things from your perspective."
Aria: "I need a hug. You should have hugged me. You can hug me now if you want."
Ezra: "Nope, sorry."
Aria: "Cool. Jason's right over there, so have a nice life, okay?"
Ezra: "Are you dumping me one more time again?"
Aria: "No, just using the weapons at my disposal."


Foster Mother Janet makes crazy eyes going down the hallway, and totally ignores Hanna like six times until she calls her by name and then slams her locker to yell at her about the deal they have.

Hanna: "See that lady over there? That's my mom. She's also a partner at the firm of Dolce, Gabbana & Liebowitz [There are no words!], so I think you'd best stop taking my friend's foster kid money."

Then she calls her mom "Erin Brockobitch" and it's so weird and amazing. Janet stalks away to go get a drink and rain hell on Caleb's head, but at least Hanna's happy right now. Therapy works! Therapy makes you awesome!

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