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...And then too, the grossness of their dickhead son. And here you thought Mikey would be the one you didn't wanna strangle.


Garrett drops a bunch of money off with Logan Reed, who exits the show as weirdly as he entered it. I guess Logan was an actor the whole time? Anyway, Garrett calls Jenna and tells her it's taken care of and I don't even have time to figure out what is going on here. Possibly I do not have the brainpower to figure out what is going on here. I know I say that every week, but almost every week I turn out to be right.


Caleb comes by Hanna's house with takeout and some inside jokes and cuteness and she thanks him for taking care of her. She offers to pay for dinner and he tells her Janet gave him money and Hanna's like That's so weird and Caleb doesn't look into this and then Caleb has to leave for his date with Lucas. They are going to watch The Goonies. God, Lucas really is the best boyfriend.

Caleb kisses Hanna's forehead and then finally lets on that he knows Hanna was the one that threatened his foster mother! And then takes off with that as his exit line, which is so hot! But she stops him at the door! And they kiss! Finally! It is awesome!


Sometimes the shortest distance from Plot A to Plot B is the long way around, says A, and because Em is operating on a whole other level at this point she knows instantly that these words mean something and aren't nonsense, and in fact that she needs to compare the Speed Demon-delivered map with the map of the cemetery they give you at the funeral. I guess one of the houses or things from the first thing matches up with the plot labeled IAN THOMAS on the second thing? Hence the pun? I still have no idea what is going on or what any of this means. But then, you apparently can't trust Logan Reed anyway, so the realty thing is still up in the air. It's all about getting her to Alison's grave, that's all that matters I think.

So Emily drags the girls to the cemetery and Aria demands to know what's going on, and Spencer backs Emily up that they've been set up and the whole A thing is still an issue.

Emily & Spencer: "A took Ian's body weeks ago, then made it look like a suicide, so that Ali's murder would be solved."
Aria: "So wait, why would A help us prove our case?"
Spencer: "Because it's wrong, because A hates us."
Aria: "But the video and the tree and whatever!"
Spencer: "Therefore Ian did not kill her."

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