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Ali's tombstone says Beloved Daughter, Trusted Friend: Tis A Fearful Thing To Love What Death Can Touch, which was already creepy just as a funeral quote but is ten times creepier now. Then a projection jumps up on the side of a mausoleum across the way, so scary: The giggly Kissing Rock video we haven't seen in a while, where she's all "You know you want to kiss me!" and you see Ian, and then she's getting strangled (or fucked)... And then she giggles! She wasn't strangled at all! Ian kisses her goodbye sort of sweetly, and she laughs, and the film ends. Ends right before the part of the video where every single person on this show murders her, one by one, in a queue that stretches back as far as Hilton Head.

The girls are just as horrified as you can be, and it's so great, just all the fog and lights in the cemetery and everybody staring with their mouths hanging open, and then there's A, watching them search for her, holding the projector, being sassy. Just relaxing there, in the cemetery. Crunchin' it and brunchin' it at the old Rosewood Boneyard.


Well. I just don't know. I mean, you got the sense last week that things were out of control and that the whole story was moving around on this fundamental level and that the gamechangers were coming. And now it's so chaotic that there's no way to tell what's going to happen, which is very exciting and disturbing in the same way that this show is exciting and disturbing. But trying to figure out what actually happened? Still a challenge.

Aria is getting pulled into a thing with Jason and also being disappointed by Ezra's lack of gumption and the presence of Jackie Molina. Mikey is going nuts in an unspecified way. Spencer has "betrayed" her sister for the "last" time, thanks to having Ian's phone in her purse, and probably at the expense of the pittance of affection her parents were finally showing. Ashley just got a hell of a backstory, and Hanna's back with Caleb finally.

All the girls get a pass from Rosewood because Ian's finally in the ground, and was stalking them, and confessed that he killed one of them -- but thanks to Emily, we and the Liars now know that he neither confessed nor killed her. Which means that A probably did kill Ian that night in the clock tower, and has been using the Liars to set up his guilt so that Alison's actual murder will be officially solved but not really.

What's confusing is that Garrett and Jenna have been working with Logan Reed this whole time to lead them there, even before Ian died, and ... this has something to do with Jason?

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