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The Devil You Know

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Cyberwolf: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire


Veronica: "Have some tea. It contains less caffeine than the black espressos you constantly slurp, so maybe you will sleep like one time. Oh, Wren called to see how you guys were doing. I don't think your dad would have been too nice to him on the phone, seeing as how he did your sister unspecified dirt that time."
Spencer: "How the hell are you trying to bond with me over Wren?"
Veronica: "Fine, let's bond on how you're so industrious and such a hard worker and how you've always been so dedicated."
Spencer: Unfurls like a fiddlehead fern at the first praise she has ever received from her mother.

Veronica: "You were right about the funeral, we are giving him the barebones treatment because we're glad Ian is dead. But your dad and I are really impressed by how cool you're being about all that. We thought you'd end up killing Melissa, so your compassion is really kind of mindblowing. I'm sorry that I let that molester live here for so long and kept calling you crazy and wouldn't let you see your friends. Please forgive me."
Spencer: "You are full of surprises. Well, I have one for you! I am capable of crying."

Emily can't concentrate on her Carson McCullers book because she has to stare at a suicide note on her iPad and then at the wall and then dial a phone but never hit send and generally act insane. On the verge of figuring something out. Emily is so streets ahead in this episode that I honestly felt like I should be as crazy trying to figure out what she's doing as she is crazy-focused on doing it.

Spencer tries forever to find the precise ring that she stole from Melissa online, but can't figure it out. A loves this, and immediately threatens to tell Veronica if Spencer doesn't come clean about the ring. Oh, that's good. The one time Veronica was ever nice to her daughter and A's going to pull some Hefty Hanna mind games on her to ruin it. Maybe A is as disconcerted by Spencer's newfound sanguinity as we are.


Somebody in a hoodie makes to smash somebody's window with a rock, but Jason stops him or her. It's the act out and that's so interesting, because there's a certain amount of suspense I guess? But science has shown that all of their houses, every house in Rosewood, occupies the same point in spacetime, next to Jason's house, and thus it's impossible to tell whose house is getting saved by Jason. Maybe all of them. Maybe Aria's. If so, something is going to happen to his shirt pretty soon I bet.

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