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Bad Catoptromance

"I wish they'd just tear this place down already. Every time I walk by here I get the creeps. I can't explain it. I just... I feel like something really bad happened here."

Alison shushed her, shamed her; she didn't like stories about haunted houses and she didn't like stories today, because of the story she wanted to tell. Outside the Mockingbird house, there was a truck, a van, a wagon for the criminally insane: Radley Sanitarium. A door opened, and nobody came out.

1313 Mockingbird Lane is where the Munsters lived; Radley was the last mockingbird they might have killed, when it was the vogue to kill a mockingbird. That's part of the story.

Alison made fun of Aria, again, and the girls kept moving. Alison kept moving.


"Are you moving?" Emily asked Toby, as he took boxes in and out of the house. He was always so sad. He was big; he was full of secrets. His mother had died a year ago; his father had just remarried. Emily picked up a snow globe and wondered what her daughter was like. The evil stepsister.

"She gets what she wants," said Toby, and that was the story Toby told.


One story caught Alison's eye, and she tinkered with the package for a while. She heard movement, but there was nothing. When the hand wrapped itself around her mouth, she screamed; the boy was wearing a plastic mask. It was utterly clear, but you still couldn't quite see the person behind it. The second-scariest kind of mask.

"Admit it," laughed Noel Kahn, "You were scared." She laughed, putting on a mask of her own, and he promised that he'd be all hers for Halloween, when the time came. When she told her story.

Someone plucked, picked at a burlap cowl, with a baby-white mask attached. This was all the rage, that year. Every year, that's what it's about. This year, it was the scariest mask.

The evil stepsister stood near the costumes Alison was looking at: Lady Gaga. Jenna was beautiful, wearing less than even Alison. She was intimidated, and she didn't know why. Jenna could still see; Alison was only beginning to obsess on her, her beauty and her body. Jenna didn't even know who Noel Kahn was; she'd only been invited to the party.

Alison and Jenna sniffed at each other; they tussled briefly over Lady Gaga and when it was over they both thought they'd won. Alison wanted her. She wanted her weak, and she wanted her strong. And this is the story they told:

Jenna: "I thought I was being original..."
Alison: "You still have time to pick something else. Maybe I'll see you there?"
Jenna: "I know who you'll be."
Alison: "And you'll surprise me."

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