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Hard Vs. Mean

Toby: "I know you can't tell because my face is naturally mournful, but I'm kind of not in the mood for your jittery, steamrolling attempts at comfort."
Spencer: "You and my sister both. I feel like kicking a truck in half."


Aria chills in Ezra's apartment for what is subjectively one hundred years, but is probably like ten minutes, while he attempts to have a meeting with his new employers on the collegiate level. Ezra's priorities, Aria seems to think, are well out of whack. The degree to which Aria finds real-life responsibilities a hassle is both adorable and terrifying. As long as she's there, though, she at least replaces the diploma that A stole and put in Therapy Anne's office.


Emily: "So I got a full ride at Danby College, possibly. My dreams are coming true right before your eyes."
Pam: "I knew the day I allowed you to wear trousers that you'd eventually become a bluestocking. I'm so proud of you! Now that you'll never be married, I mean, at least you can learn a trade. In my day those Kelly Girls could thrill you with their shorthand. Why I recall one young lady at my daddy's office, fresh out of Vassar, she wore these scarves all the time..."
Emily: "Just one thing. I can't move to Texas with you."
Pam: "Sigh. Her hair smelled just like a field of bluebells. Wait, what? Well, then probably you will not be going to college."
Emily: "Seriously?"
Pam: "No, just kidding. Action plan now is that I'll discuss it with your dad."
Emily: "Cool. I've got him in the bag."
Pam: "But I think maybe it would be good to get a firmer commitment from Danby. If you can produce an offer letter, we'll think about ways to make this happen."

Man, once Pam got awesome she just stayed there, didn't she? What a level-headed, loving approach -- especially considering how committed she is to the idea of family and keeping everybody together, and how much pain she's been in with Emily's dad being gone. I sure hope her return to being a great parent (presumably she's usually a great parent, since you don't get Emily from nowhere) doesn't end up biting her in the ass.


Aria: "Spencer, of your many robot powers, the one I need right now is your innate ability to know how long to wait for things."
Spencer: "I did not know that this was a skill, but thank you."
Aria: "How long should I hang around Fitz's apartment to have the conversation we both agreed was necessary, like I planned with him earlier this afternoon?"
Spencer: "How long have you been waiting thus far?"
Aria: "Approximately ten years."
Spencer: "So like, twenty minutes? Listen, this is maybe the most important afternoon of his entire career, setting the tone for the rest of his life and the rest of your life together. How about you wait there until he shows up, considering that was the agreement you made? Like an adult?"
Aria: "You've given me much to think about."
Spencer: "Cool. Listen, I gotta go hang out with Toby in the woods."

(One lovely Weepies montage later...)

Aria: "Well. I'm bored."

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