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The Manichaean Candidate
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A went kill-crazy! She tried to strangle Mona, then tried to run over Aria and Mona -- resulting in a life-changing injury Emily's still dealing with -- and ended up last week aiming a car directly into Emily's house after Emily helped the Liars break into Wilden's apartment (which also got Pam suspended from work). Meanwhile, Hanna's nightmares came true and put Ashley in jail for the murder, no matter how insane and desperate she becomes. Aria got involved with a Tang Soo Do instructor named Jake and has taken over as her brother Michael's only real parent, while Spencer is trapped between the Liars' chaotic investigations and Toby's obsessive search for information about his mother's (possibly) A-related demise.


Pam: "Being broke and homeless in this motel is a real dang bummer!"
Emily: "More coffee?"
Pam: "I mean, it's kind of nice that we don't have to feel guilty about any of this. Like millions of Americans, I was just trying to be a good person."
Work: "That part is true. But there's nothing saying you can't feel horrible about your life."

Pam: "I can't believe nobody saw that person drive into our house and run away!"
Emily: "Yeah, well. Ghost ninja."
Pam: "The important thing is that you spend as much time as possible outside of this suicidally depressing, but absolutely gorgeous motel room. Go to your college counselor. I believe it is Ezra Fitz? The only teacher at your school suddenly?"
Emily: "Yeah, the first luxury to go was Spencer's hot Golden Boy one. Ezra will do."


Emily Text: "I am only kinda okay, but whatever. What about your jailbird mom?"
Hanna: "She says they're fine. I didn't tell her about your horrible outfit, Aria."
Aria: "That's the last thing she needs."

Imagine the pointy schoolmarm shoulders of an orphanage owner-slash-slave trader from the 1920s, like the lady that tried to give Fairuza Balk electroconvulsive therapy in Return To Oz, or one of the meaner bitches of Avalon in the first couple of Green Gables books, telling Marilla how redhead orphans will always poison the well or set you on fire. Now instead of a simple Dust Bowl gray like Spencer would wear, make the outfit entirely out of four-color newspaper comics panels. Are you angry yet?

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