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Crash and Burn

Previously: Toby seemed all nice and sweet about asking Emily to Homecoming, but his sister seems to think Emily won't be so keen on him after she finds out his secret. In this case, Jenna was probably right. Spencer flirted a lot with Chin Dimple the Second until Melissa came in and fucked that up. Bitch. Aria tried to stay away from Mr. Fitz, but some games of chance and a spiffy new haircut made this difficult. Poor, virginal Sean decided to bring Hanna to the dance, but she took off with the nerdily wonderful Lucas in order to do some light breaking and entering to get Jenna's therapy file. But they found Toby's and they found out that Toby was going all Cruel Intentions with his stepsister and speculate that he may have killed Alison in order to keep her quiet. And Toby realized that Emily wanted to be with Maya, said they've got secrets and ended up chasing her around the school.

We pick up right where we left off. Hanna, Spencer and Aria are desperately running around in heels looking for Emily. They want to split up, but they're all too scared. Aria tries calling her phone, and they find it ringing on the ground in the hallway outside of the chem lab. Inside the lab, they find the place in upheaval and blood on the ground and they jump to conclusions.

Then we see Toby in his car with blood streaming down his cheek and he's got Emily passed out in his backseat. Before we can ponder all of his nefarious plans for her, we see that he's pulled up at an emergency room to get her some help for her bloody head wound.

In the morning (or a morning, you know, this show and its timeline) we see a car that has that stupid paint on it saying Congratulations on the front window. I always hate that crap in high school. Like, how are you supposed to drive? There's also a cop, which I suppose is actually the larger issue here. Aria and Spencer are in Emily's room, regaling her with the details of Jenna and Toby's somewhat incestuous step-sibling relationship. They presume that Toby forced Jenna into this, but I'm not so sure about that. Jenna doesn't seem like a pushover. Anyway, they say that Jenna saw the two steps engaged in some sexual activity when she tossed a stink bomb into their house, and then threatened to expose Toby. Still doesn't explain why the stink bomb blew up the garage, though. Was there a chemical in there of some kind? Anyway, they think that Toby wanted Alison dead, and in turn wants them all dead, so he can keep his incestuous interlude a secret. Emily looks at them skeptically. She rightly points out that if Toby wanted to kill her, he had every opportunity, but instead he took her to get medical attention.

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