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Crash and Burn

Nia gets up to get the door and Emily immediately takes the opportunity to grab her phone back. Meanwhile, the girls have the file and are out in the woods running around and totally miss her call. Hanna is planning on burning the folder; they try and talk her out of it, but she says that it could be traced back to her, and she doesn't want to deal with it. She thinks that if she gets a third strike, she's going to the slammer. Aria looks confused, so Hanna explains about the stolen sunglasses and reminds her about smashing up Sean's car. Spencer says that Toby could be the killer and the police need the file in order to prove it and to stop "A." Aria says they don't know that Toby and "A" are the same person, but Spencer says that no one has gotten calls from "A" since he took off. Hanna doesn't listen or buy the "we're all in this together" and says that not everyone has parents who can get them off scott-free. Spencer doesn't understand what she's talking about, and Hanna reminds her that when Spencer stole an essay, her parents let her pose for the newspaper. Hanna is stuck carrying around medical waste to pay for her sins. Aria grabs the file and tosses it into a stream and says they can pretend that they don't know it exists. As they walk out of the woods, Aria gets a text from Emily that says "Whatever you do, don't destroy that file." Whoopsie.

By the lockers, Spencer, who looks so much prettier when she wears her hair down, asks Emily is she's taking anything for the pain. She is, but she's more worried about her mother and her nagging questions. Spencer mostly wants to know if Emily ate one of Jenna's cookies. She says she didn't. Such willpower. Spence gets a text, but it's from Alex, and thinks they can all stop worrying about "A." Maya walks by and purposely ignores Emily. Spencer is mad that Alex blew off their date under the pretense of work, but she knows that the club is closed on Mondays.

Aria walks into Mr. Fitz's classroom to see a woman at the board writing about Madame Bovary. She introduces herself as Mrs. Shephard, and tells Aria that she's Fitz's sub and doesn't know when the cute teacher will return. Jenna makes her way down the lockers to meet up with Emily. Emily tries to ignore her, but Jenna is blind, not an idiot and says she knows that Emily is there. She wants the file, and Emily tells her that it has been disposed of. Jenna's not too pleased, and hopes that she's not being lied to.

Lucas is in the yearbook office and Hanna walks in because he left her a message. He wanted her approval on the photo for the homecoming page. The one he likes looks like Sean a bad burrito. She picks one where she's smirking and says she thought she'd look happier. Spencer goes to the club and finds Alex in the kitchen. She's shocked that he's actually there. He is hurt that she thought he was lying, but he's getting time and a half to make fruit kebobs and such for a bigwig breakfast the next day. His boss walks in to say that he's leaving and wants to know who Spencer is. Alex quickly lies and says it is a friend helping out, and the boss doesn't care, so long as she wears a hair net. She's clearly never put one on and only puts it on the top of her hair and leaves tendrils out doesn't actually put the majority of her hair underneath it. She actually starts working, and Alex seems surprised and wonders what her parents would think. She says that they don't even think about what happens to her, and he smiles at her.

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