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Crash and Burn

Holly Marie Mom and Chad Dad are fighting in the school hallway about how to appropriately deal with their now troublesome son. He wants to know if she even realized that Aria was skipping classes, and she wonders if he thinks she's a bad mom. He says he's not moving out because their kids need stability, and she isn't having that -- they just need to work it out and not pretend that everything is fine. I'm so bored with these two. They fight more about sleeping arrangements.

Their daughter is knocking on the door of Mr. Fitz, she even picks up his key from under the mat. Who does that in an apartment building? She goes in and hears his machine going off, and it is someone from a school in New York confirming his interview the next day.

Sean shows up at Hanna's house; he copied down an assignment from a class she skipped. He says he's over being abandoned at homecoming and then calls her Hanna Banana. She shows him the snowboarding turkey video and he doesn't think its funny, he just thinks its fake. He asks her to put music on instead while they work on homework. Then he complains that it is too loud. Alex is in the kitchen listening to the same music when Spencer walks back in and asks if he's going to share what he's cooking. Then they start salsa dancing... next to a hot stove. Without hairnets around food. I guess I'm supposed to ignore that because they are kinda smoking together as they kiss. But I do worry about things being sanitary.

Aria sits in her room, reading a book that says, "When you need to, leave Rosewood... Ezra." Emily drives around in her new car and sees a police car and a truck with Toby's smashed up motorcycle on the back of it. Jenna is crying on her steps. Aria sees her brother, who kind of looks like a young Zefron in a weird sort of way. She wants to know if Mike said good-bye. He says their parents tried to lecture him on the art of fighting, but he doesn't care about them and says that they don't care about their kids. Especially mostly-forgotten Mike. At least they have the decency to use Aria to keep their secrets. Mom and Dad are sitting outside trying to politely deal with logistics, and then she gets in the car and drives off. Aria looks away sadly.

Emily, Hanna and Spencer sit talking. They wonder if Toby is dead, and Emily says she couldn't bring herself to ask, but that Jenna was so upset. Emily does say that the bike looked totally wrecked. Spencer heartlessly says she's not going to be shedding any tears about it. Hanna says she can cry if she wanted to. Hanna apologizes for her comment about Spencer's family. Spencer says a lot of people think that. Emily gets a text message, and they presume it's from Aria, since "something weird is going down at her house." (Hanna's words, not mine.) But it's not. It is from "A"! Thank God. An episode without "A" messages and, I was starting to get antsy. "Thanks for getting Toby out of my way... - A" The girls all look freaked-out as the camera fades out.

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