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I'm Only Happy When It Rains

The next morning, Hanna pours some coffee in silence as Melrose Mom moves around adding some milk to their beverages. Their morning routine is like a well-practiced routine, as they both end up checking their makeup in the mirror simultaneously. In the background, a TV shows Det. Wilden talking about the case of the dead teenager. Hanna looks upset as Det. Wilden explains that her body showed signs of a blunt force head trauma, but that it was suffocation that killed her. Melrose Mom quickly turns off the TV, presumably so that her daughter doesn't ruin her makeup. She advises Hanna to think of Alison as a beautiful, popular girl and not as a sad, dead girl who gets talked about on the news. Hanna takes this opportunity to apologize for the fact that her mother had to sleep with a cop so that she wouldn't get charged with shoplifting. Then they go back to discussing makeup.

Holly Marie Mom is having breakfast with Aria, and they aren't discussing makeup, but they are discussing fashion. Specifically, the sexy dress that Hanna wore to Alison's funeral. And then Holly Marie Mom reminds us that Hanna used to be oh-so-chubby back in the day. Yes, we've seen the flashbacks and she was practically a hippopotamus. Disgusting, really. How could she have lived with herself. ChadDad walks in to wonder who shops at Curvy Girl (did Lane Bryant not let them use their name?), before he grabs coffee and says that he'll be working late. Aria wonders what that's about. He lists off a host of reasons, none of them involving another woman, that he'd be busy after a year, but a lot of his "reasons" seem like things he could work on at home. He doesn't need to create his curriculum at his office, that's fine to do with the family around. Holly Marie Mom stays out of the conversation, but when Aria storms out of the house to go to school, she does wonder why these two are suddenly at each other's throats. He doesn't own up to his cheating ways, he just blames it on teenage hormones.

Emily sits on her porch reading, and Maya walks over to ask if Em is doing OK. Maya wanted to go to the funeral, but felt weird about going to remember someone she didn't know. Maya looks like crap, and Em wonders why. It has something to do with the fact that Maya was up all night looking at pictures of Alison that were found in a box in the basement. It's more than just a little unsettling to be living in the room of a dead girl. Really, it's good that Alison's parents sold the house before the body was found, because that sort of thing has to decrease property values. Maya says that it's troubling to see the posters of the dead girl all around town, and Emily wishes that someone would take them down so that she doesn't have to face her emotions. Emily gets a big hug from Maya, as Nia walks up in workout gear and momentarily pauses at the hug. But when she greets the girls, she gets a big affectionate hug from Maya as well. Guess she's one of those huggy type of people. Nia tries to welcome her to the neighborhood, but what with her backyard being overrun by people leaving candles and teddy bears, it seems a bit inappropriate. When Nia finds out that Maya hasn't been sleeping, she offers to let this total stranger come stay with them... in her daughter's room. Neither girl seems too upset by this proposition.

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