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I'm Only Happy When It Rains

We see Spencer practicing her golf swing when Maya and Emily walk up. Introductions are a little bit awkward, especially when Maya says she's the new girl living in the dead girl's house. Yeah, that needs some reworking. Spencer tries her best to shrug it off and says that they're all just trying to cope the best way they know how. They offer to take Spencer for caffeinated beverages, but she declines because she's got to practice.

In the hallowed halls of Rosewood High School, Mr. Fitz runs into Aria, who wants to talk to him about transferring out of his class. He escorts her into his classroom for a private conversation. He wishes she would stay in his class and insist he can keep his feelings in check. She doesn't want to keep her feelings in check, because it is too hard and because she doesn't like pretending that she doesn't know him. He reluctantly signs her transfer request. As she walks out, he stares at her longingly.

In the now-crowded hallway, just two minutes after Aria and Mr. Fitz were totally alone, Hanna takes notice of the way that the English professor looks at his underage student. She's not even distracted by Mona talking about someone's bad boob job. The appearance of a cute guy by the name of Sean does capture her attention, however. She walks off as we zoom in on Emily. She's at her locker and then gets kissed by her boyfriend Ben, who wants to know if they're on for the movies later. She lets him know that Maya's staying for a few days, and he hornily wonders what kind of pajamas the new girl wears. Teenage boys are just all class... and so subtle. He heads to class, and Emily looks at Maya, who seems to have made some friends already. Over the loudspeaker, the four girls are called to the office. They all meet up in the hallway and Hanna is wearing a skirt that barely covers her ass. In my day, that alone would have merited a trip to the principal's office, but then again, I'm really old. As they head off, Aria gets a text from "A," which just says "Dead Girls Walking." If only there were a green mile stripe painted on the hallway.

They all sit on a couch while Det. Wilden questions their timeline. He asks Spencer if she heard the scream and confirms that she went looking for her. He then asks if the girls were having a slumber party, and Spencer bites back, asking if this is an interrogation. He claims it's a routine follow-up. He doesn't quite buy that they all fell asleep. When they say that they've told him everything, he basically accuses them of rehearsing their story, since it is nearly identical to the details they told the police the year before. Aria insists that's everything they know.

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