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I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Back at the uncomfortable Hastings family dinner. They play a game called high-low, where they share their accomplishments. Melissa talks about some fantastic accomplishment at class. Dad talks about some big brief. Spencer freezes at her turn (even though Wren has been letting her sip from his cocktail) and Wren jumps in to say that he got a fantastic parking spot that morning. This gets giggles, and Melissa tries to apologize for her fiancé.

In Emily's bed, the two girls sit and then spoon and Emily reaches over to hold Maya's hand. Just as she does this, her phone buzzes as she's got a new text message. "Did you get a goodnight kiss? Here's one from me. XO - A." I'm not sure who A is, but she's quite the stalker, and she had nothing on creepy Toby.

In the morning, Hanna comes downstairs shocked to see her mother cooking and even more surprised to see Det. Wilden reading the paper. Ben is driving Maya and Emily to school and "joking" with Maya about how she's at least gotten to sleep with Emily, and that's more than he can say. He's all class, this one. Maya brushes him off, saying that good girls don't kiss and tell, but he tells Maya that she doesn't seem like a good girl. Emily tells him to shut up, but he keeps asking fun questions like if they got much sleep. Maya leaves the car, then Emily grabs Ben to make out with him. Some guys hit the car and tell them to get a room. Hanna walks by and some guys make comments about how hot she looks, and she dismisses them. She's actually wearing clothes today. Nice for a change. She wants to know when Emily got so interested in PDAs, and Em just shrugs it off.

At a movie theater playing It Happened One Night, Aria stands waiting when Mr. Fitz shows up. He comes over to say hi to her, and Holly Marie Mom walks up to them. They make introductions and apparently Aria has told her mother a lot about Mr. Fitz, just left off the "really young" part. Once out of his earshot, HMM also says that she left out the "really cute" part. Way to parent. In the nearly empty theater, the Montgomery ladies sit and nosh on popcorn when Mr. Fitz finally walks in alone. Holly Marie Mom invites him to sit with them, which puts Aria right between her mom and her crush. Awkward.

Emily sits in her window seat looking sadly out the window. Nia, still in fitness wear, wants to know what's wrong. She promises that if Em is sad about her friend, it will get better. But Emily says that she also thinks there is something wrong with her. Nia doesn't think so, and she encourages her to befriend her old gaggle of friends... even if they were only ever pals because of Ali. They all need some sort of closure.

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