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I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Spencer is working on some homework in her room when Wren walks by and notices that she's still rubbing her neck. He offers up another massage, but she's got a lot of homework, History and Latin to study for. He jokes in Latin with her. Her room is covered in awards, and he says that he sees that she's driven, and so is he, but he wasn't forced to be accomplished... like she is. He then flirts with her about design and appreciating beauty, before he just kisses her. Of course Melissa walks by to see the two of them kissing. Then Spencer pushes him away and says it isn't right. Melissa naturally missed that part.

The next morning, Spencer wakes up in her massive room when she hears a door slamming. She looks out her window to see Wren leaving with a box of his stuff. Hanna and Mona are in a parking lot, discussing their purchases, when she spots Det. Wilden watching her. Mona says she shouldn't panic, since she paid this time. She heads over to him and says she'll pay for the glasses, but she wants him to leave her mother alone. Wilden says that his recent stalking of her has nothing to do with shoplifting, he wants answers about Alison's death. He doesn't care if the girls were drinking, he just wants to know who they think killed her.

Aria walks out of a coffee shop in the rain, Mr. Fitz drives by and stares at her, but keeps going past. She thinks he's leaving, but then he stops and opens the passenger side door. She hops in with a smile on her face. He pulls into an alley, and the two of them commence with making out, as the windshield wipers frantically move in the background.

At a bus stop, Emily looks sad and stares at her bracelet as we flashback to a lunch with all the girls, where she hands each of them a bracelet with their names on them. She claims this means they will be friends forever, but I don't understand why a girl so obsessed with popularity would give them such ugly cloth bracelets.

Aria walks into her house, still soaking wet, but clearly happy from her brief interlude in the car with her hot teacher. Chad Dad says that they need to talk, and her mom can tell she's hiding something, and from his words he could either be talking about her fling with her teacher or his affair. What is it with this family and hooking up in cars? Chad Dad is talking about himself, as he says that telling the truth would only hurt her mom, and she should let go of her anger towards him. She wants to know if she's seeing the other woman again, and he claims he isn't... though the woman does teach at Hollis with him. Aria wants to know if he was in love with Meredith. He says that he was completely taken by surprise by his attraction to her. He didn't plan on being unfaithful. Does anyone really plan on that? And he says he just gave in to his emotions, and says that she's too young to understand it. I doubt that. Then mom and the mostly absentee brother come in with Chinese food, and they all sit down together as a family. Aria's text (which comes in the form of a cute little talk bubble) says, "When students kiss teachers, someone gets HURT. That's a promise I'll keep... -- A"

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Pretty Little Liars




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