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Holden showed Emily a rave rubberstamp that could hold clues to both That Night and Maya's death. Hanna broke up with Caleb, saved Mona from being moved out of town, and kissed Wren, but is still possibly on the hook for a blood test. A strange Alison doppelganger showed up, sending Jason over the edge. Ashley's got a new man, Caleb helped Spencer break into Maya's Website Page after Toby freaked out on her, and Ezra's mom is a holy terror who tried to bribe Aria to split. Oh, and Noel Kahn is dating Jenna Marshall, which is terrifying.


Aria: "Spencer! Don't you know about how Alison was murdered and they dug up her body, and Maya was killed? Have you heard about this 'A'? It's all very exciting."
Spencer: "I am so over that. I am over mysteries and lies."
Aria: "But look, a stamp on Maya's dead wrist! I have a picture on my phone that matches the stamp Emily remembers from That Night she can't remember, and also from Holden that time at a church!"
Spencer: "Check it. I am burnt out. I'm burnt. Five days ago, I literally forgot to apply to college."
Aria: "Pssh. Missing early admissions is not the same thing. It's fine. You're Spencer."
Spencer: "I found this stamped packet of admissions shit underneath an AP French book and some Physics homework. On which I got a B, Montgomery. A B!"

Cece: "Morning, ladies! Who's applying to UPenn, in bedraggled fashion?"
Spencer: "Not me. Not anymore. For I am no better than Toby Cavanaugh now. Suited only to haunt yards and make faces with my hair going straight up."
Cece: "Please, I got into UPenn, despite my busy schedule of arms smuggling and dodging white slavery charges, and I'm not even a Hastings. As far as I know."
Spencer: "You went to UPenn? And now you work retail? Please, tell me more."
Cece: "Well, I am going to a drug rave of kidnappers later, I think my friend Steven from Admissions is gonna be there..."

Spencer stares a hole into Cece soul. It's amazing. Cece waits for her to stop, and Aria gives her a little nod of the head: It's not going to stop. It's never going to stop. Welcome to Spencer Hastings. "Can't Stop Won't Stop" is on her family crest. If the Hastings were on Game Of Thrones their flag would just be a picture of somebody not stopping, ever.

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