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Hanna: "You're A? Son of a... Oh, you just mean you texted me. Well, A is going to see us sitting together, and then we're going to die. So."
Caleb: "All I know is that you came here to get murdered, so I wouldn't get hurt. There's another A, possibly an A-Team, and you..."
Hanna: "-- Caleb, you don't even know what you're talking about. This is a person who dug up a grave and robbed it, killed Maya, ran your mom off the road..."
Caleb: "Hold up, what?"
Hanna: "Yeah, flew to Montecito and tried to kill her, just to freak me out. You didn't think I'd just randomly dump you, did you? It was a torture scheme."
Caleb: "My self-esteem needed to hear that, Marin. Thank you."

How funny if she'd flaked or bonked her head or something on the way there, and then he'd have to be like, "Well, I guess she's cool with me getting murdered."


Noel Kahn: "Where'd you meet your current boyfriend?"
Aria: "At a bar. Did you ever invite Maya St. Germain to any of these parties?"
Noel Kahn: "Let's not speak ill of the elderly and deceased. This game is more like... Um, a game. Like you could ask me how many people I've fu..."
Spencer: "-- Answer it."
Noel Kahn: "She had an open invite. Ever sleep with a teacher?"
Aria: "Actually, no."
Noel Kahn: "Bullshit."
Aria: "Trust me, if you knew the whole story with that shit, you'd go home and cry right now."

Aria: "How'd you know Maya?"
Noel Kahn: "Hot new lesbian in the murder house? Everybody did. Now, did you ever frame me for stealing midterms answers? To your boyf..."
Aria: "-- Again, that wasn't me. Incredible that even this game within the show is treating me with the kid gloves due a Shusher. Where were you when they dug up Ali's grave?"
Noel Kahn: "Gross, and for real? And I don't even know when that..."
Spencer: "The Friday before Labor Day. The high temperature and barometric pressure that day were..."
Eric: "-- He was here, actually. He was here, and then [gestures toward Jenna with a sort of 'that sea creature there' gesture] showed up..."
Jenna: "You understand that I can see now, right?"
Noel Kahn: "Eric, you're a dick. Aria, tell us your boyfriend's name and curriculum vitae."
Jenna: "It's funny to watch you twist, but trust me that we all know the answer anyway, ya whore."

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