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Minutes after her life was flooded by snakes, Spencer took the time to go through Paige's bag when she wasn't looking and ended up finding Aria's earring from Ali's coffin. Emily doesn't know this, because she is pissed at all of them and not interested in what anybody has to say, whether it's Jenna saying to stay away from Cousin Nate or the way Cousin Nate is constantly saying, "I am a crazy stalker" in pretty clear language. Aria took on yet another alias in order to visit Ezra's baby mama, screwing up his life even more than usual. Both Toby and Caleb stopped being polite about the fact that these girls cannot take a damn step that doesn't end in conflagrations and tragedy, and started getting real about that fact. "It's not because you're girls," they basically said, "It is because you are liars and fuckups."


Something terrible has happened! Hanna is crying her eyes out, at some location I don't recognize, and Emily has completely lost the plot, just staring into space looking shell-shocked while a million cops ask her if she knew the dead person.

Cop: "Did you know the victim?"
Emily: "Yes."
Cop: "The deceased was a friend of yours?"
Emily: "On this show that is always like the hardest question."


Flash backward to the morning of Garrett's trial for Maya's murder, where the other Liars have gathered to talk about how much Emily hates it when they talk about her.

Liars: "What I don't get is, why does the entire country care that Maya died? She was the worst. And everybody gets raped and murdered in this town anyway -- it's not really news."
Spencer: "As the previous Garrett on this show, I'd imagine that my boyfriend Toby -- a teenager who did not graduate high school -- has taken a high-profile contracting job in Bucks County to avoid this mess."
Liars: "Nobody cares, Spencer. Nobody cares about Toby."

Aria is wearing an electric blue skirt made out of novelty foil and a long black vest over a red shirt with what seems to be either blue cheetah spots or blue... panda bears floating? It's the skirt that really sets it off. It looks like it would make a sound like Xmas.

Aria: "More importantly, this is about me. I lied to Emily that we were meeting up to apologize to her, not the opposite of apologize to her."
Spencer: "We'll cross that bridge when we burn it, Feathers. The important thing is that we shove these earrings in her face so she knows how wrong she is. And that way, she will always do as instructed from now on."

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