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One Thing About Boys

No, he was warning her about Cousin Nate coming back with a secret something. Not that she cares about that either. Or anything. I thought the dumbest thing Emily would ever do would be deliberately locking herself in an airtight garage with a running automobile, but no. Politely telling Mr. Bomb Threat he has the wrong number is way, way stupider than that. I'm not kidding about the moseying either, there was zero hustle. Zero percent hustle. The last place she was headed was "out." At least, until she sees the paint on his boots, matching boots from one of the pictures of Maya at Noel's Kahbin.


Liars: "Hey, it's been 45 minutes and nothing's going on. Do you think it's possible -- now hear me out -- do you think just maybe we've been the butt of a practical joke or elaborate hoax of some kind?"

Emily: "Hey, I am going to go for a walk."
Cousin Nate: "The hell you are, bitch. Just kidding!"
Emily: "I'm starting to feel weird about this situation that was so normal before."

Caleb: "There are two Lighthouse Rock Inns nearby. I'm going to one of them, you ladies go to the other one. And no, that's not a gun you hear in my passenger seat."
Hanna: "We're going to the wrong one, and Caleb is going to the right one, and then he's going to be shot in his abdomen. Clear?"
Liars: "Clear! Head out!"

Emily: "Cool. Yeah, I could use some fresh air after that tea kettle screaming and that cat yowling unexpectedly and the flickering of the lights and the strange creaking and the sounds of somebody duct-taped in that closet over there moaning. I'll just be a second, I'm certainly not placing a call to everyone in my phone to come save me."
Cousin Nate: "You want to go for a walk in the scary dark night where somebody named Me could rush you with a knife, you go right ahead."
Emily: "Cool, I'll be back soon. Tell your nonexistent parents hi for me."
Cousin Nate: (Immediately gives chase, knife in hand.)

After a struggle, he brings her back to the cabin so they can watch a long boring video of Maya being boring.

"I have wanted to give you this in person, because I want to be there when you watch it. I've said so many wrong things to you, Emily -- this is me taking the time to get it right. I've been staying at Noel Kahn's cabin trying to figure a way out of the mess that I got myself into. And I'm not totally sure, but I think that stalker from Tru North found me. I thought I saw him at a party the other night. This isn't about him, it's about us. I'm coming home, and... if you still want to be with me, if I can still count on us, I know I can get through this."

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