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One Thing About Boys


Hanna screams Caleb's name about a thousand times, filling in the blanks now that we know, and the poignant "was he your friend" thing comes back around full force. Was Nate St. Germaine Emily's friend? Definitely. Was Lyndon James? Well, how about Mona?

How about Alison?

But when Emily shouts, "Just let me talk to my friend!" You know who she's talking about. And so does Paige. So when Emily goes running into Hanna's arms, she and Spencer spare a look every bit as painful, and as beautiful, as the time they sent the whole school running. It was about how much they loved Emily. A whole fight, a whole war -- not unlike the one Alison started with her, really -- about who loved Emily more, who was allowed to love her more.

I could look you right in the eyes and tell you I loved you: Some days you'd believe me, some days it would go right past your head and you'd think I was joking. It's not even that secrets tear us apart, usually: It's that they're all we have. The people who love you can hurt you and still love you, which is at least two times more complicated than most of us are prepared to deal with.


Caleb's still in surgery when Aria brings Hanna coffee she won't touch. Somebody distorted, voice twisted -- Toby? -- calls all four of the girls to thank Emily for taking Nate off the board. Emily's killed Maya's killer, they're saying out there. Justice served, they're saying. Even Veronica Hastings, who's brought the newly free Garrett Reynolds to the hospital, to see his mother once again. And even as he's smiling their way, promising secrets to come, Veronica's telling Emily there's at least one good thing about tonight's ordeal.


A walks Mona back to Radley, in costume, so she can slip by the desk clerk once again.

Mona: "If I knew Nate was gonna get Garrett out, I would have stayed in tonight! You have to get Maya's cell phone back. That shouldn't be too difficult... Paige doesn't even know she has it. Sucks we didn't get to make that phone call. Ring ring, What's Paige doing with Maya's cell phone? OMG, she must be the killer! Oh well. Even the best laid plans go awry."

She tells A goodbye, and just when you think we're getting another fakeout, we see the real beytrAyal -- wearing the team colors is none other than Toby Cavanaugh himself.

I could look you right in the eyes and tell you I loved you.

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