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One Thing About Boys

Spencer: "What do you want from us, you monster?!"
Paige: "Oh my God, she wasn't kidding about you. Look. I will mess you up. Your face. Leave Emily alone. She needs support right now, not weird theories and surprise attacks."
Spencer: "I. Know. Who. You. Are."

Paige slams her locker so hard that a girl's fillings fall out in the classroom upstairs, and it's done. What was accomplished? Well, Paige is now also taking the day off. That's about it.


Curled up in a window seat, just talkin' about Liars.

Emily: "They think they know. Who. You. Are, but they're wrong."
Paige: "I don't get it, why don't they want you dating?"
Emily: "Lord. Look, it's not even really about that, or you. They just don't trust people. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense. What with all of us constantly getting run over or extorted or murdered or creepy-massaged."
Paige: "I would kill for you, Emily. I would commit acts of sedition."
Emily: "Just calm down. I like it when you wrap your arms around me and I know it's because you love me, and not because you're going to alligator-roll me at the bottom of the pool until I stop breathing."

Emily: "Hey, remember that time you date-raped me?"
Paige: "Yep!"
Emily: "Well, later on somebody took a picture of all four of us at Ali's grave..."
Paige: "Oh, shit. Were you holding a shovel?"
Emily: "...Bingo."
Paige: "You're fucked. That's it. Snake eyes. Ya burnt."

Emily: "So they think you're the new A, basically, besides Mona, and that's what they were yelling at me about this morning. They'll work it out eventually -- Spencer does this every episode -- and they'll be really sorry and whatever. But until then, they are going to torture you. And we have to let them."

Paige gets a text that's very mysterious all about how "Meet me at Ali's grave at 10 PM or else [Paige's thumb] gets hurt -- A." In this case, Paige's Thumb probably represents Emily, but it's better this way because you think maybe Paige has been in league with A for who knows how long and is either working with A to save Emily or working against Emily to save somebody else. Neat little moment. She scoots, leaving Emily to be exhausted by every single person in her life some more.


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