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One Thing About Boys

Hanna: "Well, things have gone from worse to worser. Paige is also skipping school. Probably she's out there right now, kidnapping Emily or something. And we have to be in school! It's so unfair."
Aria: "You guys, what if we told the cops any of this?"
Liars: "Don't be an asshole, Aria."
Spencer: "Let's tell Pam Fields. That seems like an effective way to handle this."

But before they can, A sends them a text that says, "Stand down, bitches. Play it my way and Emily stays safe!" She doesn't even know why, but right at this second Emily's hands turn into fists because yet again, the entire world is treating her like this. Even A is like, "Oooh, we couldn't possibly hurt fragile alcoholic lesbian Emily, could we?" It really happened about 11 episodes ago now that I'm thinking about it, but definitely at this point Hanna has officially lost the title of Most Justifiably Pissed-Off Liar.


Is that Florence Nightingale? Barbara Stanwyck? No, silly. It's Mona, dressed like a Red Cross nurse from the Blitz complete with lacy white socks, making her way easily out of Radley and into the Rosewood community in her orthopedic shoes, like she's done it a million times with the Hawk In Paris song "Freaks" playing, which... just go look up the lyrics. They're intriguing, A-Team-wise.


Liars: "I can't believe A told us not to tell Emily's parents that her girlfriend is a murderer. That was shitty."
Hanna: "I just hope Emily calls me soon. Even though she won't. Mostly, I can't believe Emily's shit luck with girls."
Spencer: "Paige is just another monster Alison created."
Aria: "That's a very good point. Also, so are we."

A sends them a text to come to Ali's grave at ten and bring Maya's huge hideous purse and also two pictures: One of the Liars flagrantly holding a shovel and then... a picture of the body bag where Alison and vodka live now.

There is a sound! Downstairs! It does not respond to a friendly hello! The girls wig out for awhile, then Hanna grabs a pink fuzzy lamp and of course it is Caleb plugged into his iPod, so they all calm down.

Hanna: "I almost killed you!"
Caleb, verbatim: "With a pink furry lamp, Hanna?"
Liars: "You were on duty watching Emily's house. Go back and do our bidding."
Caleb: "Nah, there's like a dozen reporters on her lawn and her mom is home. She's good where she is."

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