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One Thing About Boys

Maggie: "It's me, Maggie!"
Ezra: "Oh, balls. This is my girlfriend Aria. She's a little child."
Aria: "Ezra, I need to speak with you immediately. There's a chance if I come clean in the next one second you won't be pis..."
Maggie: "-- Nice to meet you, Aria."

They chat and catch up and whatever, they already talked on the phone but she was "in the neighborhood" so she just dropped by, which, if you think secretly not having the abortion was rude...

Maggie: "It's terrific that you're 'writing,' of course, but what made you give up teaching?"
Ezra, with an admittedly sexy-as-all-hell goofy glance at Aria: "Uh, it's complicated. Do I hear Mrs. Rosenthal?"

And it is Mrs. Rosenthal. And she has some kind of a Bundt cake happening.

Maggie: "Why didn't you tell him about Malcolm yet? What is wrong with you?"
Aria: "I know! And let's not even get into how creepy I am for lying to your face after stalking you at your job with your son standing right there."
Maggie: "Yeah, for some reason your obviously necessary apology for that never comes up in this scene."
Aria: "Anyway, are you going to tell him about Malcolm? I'd really like to be the one that does that. Since it's none of my business and all."
Maggie: "I still need to figure some shit out. Like how I can keep squeezing money out of that bitch Diane Fitzgerald."
Aria: "Sister, I heard you on that one. Fine, I'll do you the favor of covering my own ass."

Ezra: "...Whoooo wants cake?"

Ezra, none the wiser, then feeds Bundt cake to both of his high school girlfriends.


Hanna: "Caleb, is that a gun you're putting in your backpack?"
Caleb: "Hanna! I thought you were taking a neck-down shower!"
Hanna: "Neck-up is where most of the time goes, if you think about it. See, check out my flawless makeup and 'unkempt,' perfectly coiffed updo. If I had to tear all this down and start over, we'd never get there by ten. Back to the subject of the gun on my pink ruffly bed and how I'm about to dump your ass."
Caleb: "Fine, I'll stash it in one of your many, many tiny underwear drawers in this Victoria's Secret franchise you call a closet. But I'd like to remind you that, however fun Mona was for you, this new A very nearly killed my mom. So."

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