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One Thing About Boys

Hanna: "I just can't believe we're finally going to solve A, stop Mona and Paige, and finally end this show."
Caleb: "I can tell you right now that at least one of those two names is wrong and also everything else you just said is wrong."


Back in the hoodie, baby! (Back In Black! Back on track! Beatin' the flack! I don't know what the words of that song mean! But also, her gorgeous face does that androgyny thing again when she wears the hoodie. I don't know how she gets it to do that.) Also, more interestingly than the hoodie even, is that in a second she's somehow in her A Lair again and I don't guess that it's in the Lost Woods anymore, so the only theory that I have to offer is that she is inside Spencer's computer at this time.

Maybe part of being in an adrenalized hyper-reality means you can just go into the internet at will and wear a hoodie in a digital simulacrum -- I don't know how that works or why you would even need the Florence Nightingale outfit if you could do that, maybe it's like the Matrix and she needed to get an outside line -- but everything's back to normal for old Mona. You will not catch me complaining about one single Mona thing, ever.

Her phone rings and Mona is first grimly happy to be back on the case -- "I'm here" -- and then a little scared or upset or worried for just a second -- maybe the part that Hanna gave the makeover to is still partially in play? -- and then she just goes cold, A-Team cold, Vanderwaal cold: "I understand."

What? What do you understand, Mona? Just tell me one thing about you, Mona, just whatever is on your mind. I love you so much.


Spencer and Toby have sex -- there is one very gorgeous angle where the sun comes in so bright you can barely see them -- and the song pointedly goes:

Nothing goes as planned / Everything will break
People say goodbye / In their own special way
All that you rely on / And all that can you fake
Will leave you in the morning / But find you in the day

Hmm. Elsewhere, Cousin Nate covers up Emily with a blanket in the creepazoid motel where nobody will ever find them and leaves to go kidnap more people. Hanna grabs Maya's hideous purse out of her giant closet. Spencer and Toby keep doing it.

Everything will change / Nothing stays the same
Nobody is perfect / But Toby killed your friend

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