Pretty Little Liars
The Mirror Has Three Faces

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In Every Dream Home, People Under The Stairs

And then Redcoat -- like a mysterious potted plant, thrown by God, who is everywhere and nowhere at once -- passes out of the room again, unnoticed by any but us. Shivvvver.


Toby: "Dr. Palmer? Are you crazy today or just cryptic?"
Palmer: "Guess we'll find out. Nice to see you, Toby."
Toby: "Can we talk some more about my dead mom?"
Palmer: "I am literally the only person who would say yes to that. Show me your gnawed-on sheet music, please. Aha! But I don't play piano, sorry."
Toby: "So you're just remembering that song from being old?"
Palmer: "Plus nuts."


Mona: "Mrs. Hastings! What a middle-of-the-night surprise! How did you get in here?"
Veronica: "Don't worry about it."
Mona: "Oh, you probably made friends with the desk staff when your daughter was here. In this insane asylum. Wrecking your family's legacy and shaming you almost to death."
Veronica: "Two things, bitch. Number one, I don't fuck around and I don't play games, so get it together. Number two, you and I both know I didn't visit her ass in here. I am not that kind of mother."
Mona: "Game recognize game, Big V."


Ezra's chilling in the dark having a panic attack and hilarious meltdown about his imaginary baby, so of course he's gonna call Aria. But she's right outside the Regional Tang Soo Do Championships, so will she take the call? Place your bets.

Jake: "I'm about to fight! In my little outfit!"
Aria: "Cool, I just have to take this phone call real quick. But don't worry, I am committed to pretending to give a shit about this."
Jake: "But if you wer... I mean, why even come if you... Okay, whatever."

Then she hangs up! She hangs up! Holy shit!

And Ezra stares into a glass darkly in his apartment and slowly goes insane. Can I tell you just how much I love that the thing apparently pushing him over the edge is that one person in the entire world finally told him No? He begins making little cuts on the skin of his back, speaking out the names of each of Malcolm's stuffed animals one by one, in the dark. "Flopsy." "Dora the Explorer." "Virginia the Wolf." "Brobee."

"Captain Oats."


Mona: (No response.)

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Pretty Little Liars




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