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The Mirror Has Three Faces

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In Every Dream Home, People Under The Stairs
Veronica: "Anyway, let's keep it deece. Everybody basically hates you, yeah?"
Mona: (No response.)
Veronica: "I scare the shit out of people too. So let's be clear that you are not going to be fucking with my daughter, her friends, or -- and take note -- their moms. Got me?"
Mona: "Look. The only person fucking with your Liars was Wilden. Who is dead."
Veronica: "Fine. We're done here. But if you screw up my case, I will put you under the jail. Your hair will turn gray and fall out wherever you end up, because I will not rest until you are screwed to the wall. Good day."

The skree-skraw sound from Orphan Black, essentially, starts playing at this point.

Mona: "Yes, that was absolutely the correct way to deal with me. Good job, counselor."


Toby: "Seriously, like tell me one thing. Marion Cavanaugh? Music?"
Palmer: "I would love to talk about music! Opera, I love opera..."
Toby: "I don't give a shit that you are lonely in here and desperate to talk to someone. Focus or GTFO."

Spencer, brilliantly, sits down and starts playing the song, because let's cut through the bullshit already. I love that we confirmed her piano skills back at Radley, and that all mental institutions have pianos in the great room, just in case of sudden Awakenings-type moments like this. Which Toby and Palmer now have, throats bobbing in the twilight.

Palmer: "Ah, Marion. That's lovely! Is Toby coming today?"
Spencer: "Shit. Um, no. No he is not."
Palmer: "He'd love to hear you play!"
Spencer: "He's heard me before..."
Palmer: "He'd like to know you are enjoying music again. He needs to see that."
Spencer: "Okay, this is getting weird. Let's quit with the whole 'I am my boyfriend's dead mother' deal -- for everybody's sake -- and get back to the clues. I just love clues!"
Palmer: "Okay, the blonde girl. I told you to stay away from her..."

And that's when they wheel his ass away! Amazing. She Spencers up his ass about was it CeCe Drake, and he offers just one more CRAZY clue: "Our session's up, see you next week. And could you show Mrs. DiLaurentis into my office, please?" That is AWESOME! Even Spencer has to hide her look of glee behind one of WTF, but you and I both know that means more to her, the Lord High Connector Of Imaginary Dots, than it even does to us.

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