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The Mirror Has Three Faces

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In Every Dream Home, People Under The Stairs

Jake: "I kind of wanted our date to be more awesome. Like go out for steak or..."
Aria: "Yeah I don't eat meat."

Jake chokes on her self-righteousness, and as usual lately she is adorable: "Salsa a little too spicy for ya, sport?" The music starts getting all echo-y and weird and you think he's been poisoned, but I think that's just the song: He was punched in the jaw, and she starts flirty making fun of him about his pain. They are adorable together and ever so sweet, and he's so beautiful by the Main Street lights, and they kiss and kiss and kiss. Yay! Yay for kissing. And for nobody getting poisoned yet!


Emily: "Back from work. Whatcha knitting, Mrs. D?"
Jessica: "It was going to be a scarf for my husband, but now I guess it's just a tight sweater for me to squeeze into. And hey, call me Jessica."
Furnace Man: "I replaced your circuit breaker, and now your house will be warm and more like a home. Also, you have a bigger problem I noticed."

They stare at him and each other and everybody stares.


Hanna: "I mean, won't this blow over?"
Veronica: "Probably, but this is instant mistrial if I stay on or come back on."

Hanna flips the shit out on Spencer about how this was clearly A, and it's kind of scary and she won't talk to Caleb either.

And over at Radley, talking scarily about how you can't trust anybody -- even your erstwhile future mother-in-law -- Wren Kingston colors in the farm picture from earlier, and he makes the lady's coat red red red.


Jessica and Emily head down into Talk Normal's cover of "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" -- because this episode didn't have enough awesome shit in already, so here's some Roxy Music on top -- and Emily spots in the dark... a giant stuffed-animal dog! (What's its name, Ezra?)

Jessica: "Pull it together, Fields. He was talking about this creepy living space over here in the corner where somebody has been making their temporary home."
Emily: "I don't say this often enough, really, but should we call the cops?"
Jessica: "Nah, fuck it. They probably lived here during the Jason era, after each of your girlfriends was brutally murdered one after the other here in this very house."

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