Pretty Little Liars
The Mirror Has Three Faces

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In Every Dream Home, People Under The Stairs

Spencer: "Well, I hate to say it but Emily Fields, you are fucked."
Emily: "I know! I thought it would like gradually ramp up to being totally insane, but this is like starting right at ten and then into the red is the only way left to go."
Spencer: "I wish I had anywhere else to be. I wonder if Toby's recently received any fascinating sheet music he can gnaw on while I watch."


Caleb: "Eating carbs again?"
Hanna: "No, this lasagna is for Mom. She's locked in her room, only answering the phone when Veronica Hastings calls."
Caleb: "So let's take a train to Philly, then!"
Hanna: "Already outsourced to Aria, don't worry about it. Now, can you sneak me into Radley?"
Caleb: "Does this have to do with Mona?"
Hanna: "Why on Earth would you think that?"
Caleb: "Come on, Hanna. A drove a car all the way into Emily's house! Jenna ended up floating on the water like soggy bread (!). And now you're gonna go ring the Bell Jar?"
Hanna: "You are talking so awesome right now! But seriousl..."
Caleb: "Hanna, this sleeping with the enemy shit was fine two years ago, but..."
Hanna, verbatim: "Mona is not the enemy! Anymore."
Caleb: "We need to tell everybody that A is back and..."
This Show: "Not on my watch, bitch."
Hanna: "Mama needs her lasagna. Excuse me."

Anybody: "Why don't you idiots tell somebody?"
This Show, Invariably: "Because shut up, that's why."

Love it.


Hanna: "Hey stranger, like my outfit? It's the best one of the season."
Wren: "I absolutely do! You looked otherwise dicked around, though. How's it..."
Hanna: "-- So I need you to sneak me into Radley."
Wren: "I mean, legally I shouldn't be talking to you, much less Mona. Come on."
Hanna: "It's not even about her killing that cop for me! It's about CeCe Drake."
Wren: "THE FUCK YOU SAY? I mean, hmm? Wot's that, cheerio?"
Hanna: "Do you not remember the time you snuck CeCe into Radley? It comes up a lot and nobody ever explains why it's important."
Wren: "Actually, somebody tried to visit Mona last night, a blonde girl. Not you?"
Hanna: "Not me. I was too busy watching Jenna die. Are there like security cameras?"

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Pretty Little Liars




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