Pretty Little Liars
The Mirror Has Three Faces

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In Every Dream Home, People Under The Stairs
Wren: "Fine, I'll see what I can do."

The second she's gone, he calls somebody and tells the person that A, We have a problem, and B, he is going to take care of his half if C, you take care of yours. Thoughts? I don't know. Given the chance to be in a secret alliance with Wren I would jump at the chance, and as we've just seen the Liars still aren't worried about it either. So who is it? The main bad guys are CeCe and the B-Team right now, so I guess one of them. Unless he answers to A or Redcoat (which could still be one of those three people).


Spencer: "Clearly this is about leaving Eddie Lamb alone and going straight for Dr. Heavy-air. But what's with the sheet music itself?"
Toby: "It's tasty but other than that I have no idea... Wait, it was my mom's favorite song to play on the piano. On various pianos. Maybe there's a secret in the piano at Radley, or Dr. Palmer will know something about music or pianos. Come with?"
Spencer: "That sounds awful. I don't relish the idea of going to yet more insane asylums."
Toby: "I'm not sensitive to that! You're the only person that knows about all this!"
Spencer, verbatim: "And when does this end?"
Toby: "Never! Because if the Liars find out I am working with A then A will either kill everybody or stop working with me!"
Spencer: "That makes sense, actually. But still not as much sense as A using an imaginary mystery about your dumb mom to make you still be on the A-Team while pretending in your dumb mind that you are not on the A-Team."
Toby: "We. Our dumb mind."


Somebody watches from outside as Emily lurks around, smiling at family photos and stuff, and then Jessica pops out of the shadows, demanding to make Emily food and for Emily to eat the food. She wipes a tear and then admits that she's getting a sudden divorce, based on the tear-stained paperwork she has been poring over. Emily's like, "Shit just keeps getting bleaker up in here."


Ezra throws around the paternity test results and yells at Maggie and at first it seems, like always, that she is the rational one and he's the crazy bitchy entitled one, but then she finally picks up the envelope with a weird look on her face -- the lab is in Philly, I don't know if that matters but if not why did they show us a close-up of the address of the lab -- and he's like, "You KNEW I wasn't his father!"

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