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In Every Dream Home, People Under The Stairs

Which would be amazing and hilarious and a satisfying ending to the storyline, but her look of shock is open-ended enough (plus the Philly thing) that I wonder. In case it's true though, in your FACE, Ezra Fitz. You deserve only imaginary babies, Ezra Fitz. And you wanna know why? It is because of your behavior. You have been consistently gross, this whole time, about the Malcolm situation. And now you are threatening not only Maggie's quality of life, but also Malcolm's, and most importantly, Karate Jake's. Because we all know Maggie won't even be out the door before he's fuckin' that up.


Texts all the Liars that CeCe got snuck into Radley at some point, then spots Caleb acting shady in a wonderful outfit and not wanting to talk about why he lurking outside Veronica's office.

Hanna, perceptively: "You were about to go in there and tell Veronica Hastings about A?"
Caleb: "Yeah? Because she is a grownup, and because you have spent what is functionally seven seasons of this show not getting shit done w/r/t the A situation. I am tired of it, I am getting an ulcer, your life is only getting worse, and you are consistently distracted from your goals by other goals and being in constant danger."

He -- YES! -- draws a parallel to how if a punk accosted Hanna on the street, he would punch the punk... But this enemy, he says, "this enemy is everywhere and nowhere at the same time." Every time somebody on this show says that, I can feel my powers increasing. (But also, have we ever seen Mona's bellybutton? Or CeCe's? Maybe on Cape May that summer.)

Caleb: "I am getting freaked out by my inability to keep you safe. It makes me feel crazy."
Hanna: "Aw, imagine if it were actually your life."

I think mostly so he will stop crying, she kisses him; Wren stares at this from his car on the street and I mean, who knows. Who even knows how he fits in, at this point. But if there's one thing Dr. Wren Kingston and I agree on, it's that he should be kissing a lot more people, a lot more of the time.


Veronica: "You tell those special victims to wait, Assistant Anyanka. I've got paperwork to fuck around with in my kitchen. And if any werewolves come around talking about magic ghost ninjas, you make sure not to take it seriously."
Wren: "...Hey, just lurking against a wall looking like one million dollars."

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