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The Mirror Has Three Faces

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In Every Dream Home, People Under The Stairs


Jessica: "I guess I'm drunk enough to talk to you like an inappropriate adult. I guess early afternoon is an okay time for that."
Emily: "Go for it. You were giving me intimate details of your divorce I don't care about?"
Jessica: "We grieved differently. I got drunk and abusive with other teenage girls, while my husband mostly just resented the shit out of Hanna for no real reason. Then I started hallucinating Alison..."
Emily: "Let's drill down on that one. It's more common than you think."
Jessica: "I was jogging in the park, and there she was. And I mean, it was her. Everywhere, from her walk, to her hair, to the mask she was wearing of her own face over her face."
Emily: "So was it her?"
Jessica: "Yeah, ya dumb bitch! Didn't you hear?"

Emily: "Sorry, I was just caught up in your weird boring story."
Jessica: "It wasn't even a person. It was just a wisp of wind and a curl of flax. They pumped my stomach later that day."
Emily: "And that's why you're getting divorced?"
Jessica: "No, we're obviously getting divorced because I turned your bedroom into a shrine to our horrible dead daughter. Wouldn't you ditch me over that?"
Emily: "Me? Break up with someone over their delusional, scary behavior? I'm so sure."

Emily: "I'm kind of going through the same thing. I'm in the middle of a very slow breakup as we become different people, and it's gut wrenching to watch."
Jessica: "Sounds tough! What's his take?"
Emily: "Wow, you have been out of town for a while. He's a lady. I turned into a lesbian after your daughter died."
Jessica: "That's pretty awesome, Emily. I wish Alison felt comfortable talking to me about this kind of shit, before she was murdered."
Emily: "My gayness is like basic, compared to all the shit she had going on. Also, it is not appropriate for us to be talking like this. But I appreciate your support. And listen, you're not the only one seeing Alison. I am the only person I know that actually thinks she's dead, and even I have seen her."
Jessica: "Yeah, because you were like totally in love with her. It goes me, you, and then nobody. Because she was absolutely horrible and we are the only people that liked her."

Emily: "You know, I simply don't feel weird enough yet."

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