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The Naked Truth

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Holden was bruised, and secretive about it. Emily was barred from the swim team, maybe forever. Jenna started up with Noel Kahn, lucky girl. Alison turned out to have multiple identities. Hanna sent everybody a naked picture of her stepsister, always with a thumb over the nips. Oh, and something strange was going on between Spencer's dad and Alison's brother Jason, where sometimes he was protective of the boy and other times just acted super berserk about and toward him.


Ashley Marin: "I can't believe Hanna. It's always something. I need a drink."
New Mrs. Marin: "I can't wait to see you and your daughter get boned on this one."
Tamborelli: "Amusingly enough, I am an African-American man. Mrs. Marin?"
Both: "Yeah?"

Both: "Snerk."


Spencer: "That whole thing with the claim check and the Vivian Darkbloom and all that, what I ended up with was this cute raincoat."
Liars: "That doesn't seem like something Alison would wear, unless it's stained on the side we can't see with somebody's vital juices."
Spencer: "No, it's what Vivian Darkbloom would wear. You guys clearly don't understand the purpose of disguise. Whereas I have been practicing the spycrafts since I was a child."

Aria, verbatim: "Can I touch it?"
Spencer, ditto: "Yeah? It's a raincoat, Aria, it's not a mummy."

Aria immediately finds the clue, a phone number in the pocket, while they discuss this latest of Hanna's many problems.

Spencer: "Uh, obviously let's call it."
Emily: "Okay, stop. Now I feel like we're in a bad place."
Spencer, for real: "We're in my living room, Emily. We are holding a coat."
Emily: "Maybe we should contact the Board and see if we're allowed to touch it."

Questions: First, why wouldn't they call it? Second, why did Alison even come up with Vivian Darkbloom? Third, what were her errands on the occasion that she acted in this capacity?
Objections: One, from Emily, which is that she still thinks the coat is haunted for some reason.

Spencer: "It's probably easier to find out whom Alison was calling when she called this number by actually calling it rather than, say, hiring the fat lady with the tube top at the farmer's market who's gonna tell you your fortune..."
Emily: "I'm not scared!"
Aria: "Okay, but that lady with the tube top makes really good apple butter."
Liars: "Dating a gay teen in a Fight Club has made you kind of awesome."
Aria: "No, you know what it is? I'm talking about something other than fucking Ezra Fitz."

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