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The Naked Truth

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Hanna: "He is smug! And blackmailed a boyfriend of a friend! I have to go!"
Ella: "I invite you to please chill, instead."
Hanna: "Mrs. Montgomery, you've known me a long time. Am I a bully? A Mean Girl? All that shit he was saying?"
Ella: "...Well, I mean, you're acting insane at this moment, but..."

Kate: Snerk.
Noel Kahn: "If you were paying attention, I was also admitting how vulnerable and weak men actually are, because all men feel secretly controlled by women, which is why we are so awful to them all the time. How the only difference is that men have spent thousands of years perfecting a system to control the narrative, the money, the bodies and the politics, keeping a two-way war static as a one-way system of oppression."
Random Old: "They always miss that part. Thank God, right?"


Mona: "Before we discuss anything of note, can I obsess on Hanna like usual?"
Emily: "She's fine. I mean, everybody thinks she sent that picture her phone sent..."
Mona: "Occam's Razor, right? People are toads."
Emily: "Listen, I know you overheard Tamborelli jackhammering me..."
Mona: "He is Toad of Toad Hall!"
Emily: "Yeah, but I also am kind of a bully, insofar as I let Alison terrorize you."
Mona: "Oh, honey. That was like two personalities ago."

<3. That is all.

Emily: "Anyway. I'm sorry I let her treat you so badly."
Mona: "Thanks! Now, how are we going to get you back on the swim team?"
Emily: "Did I miss the part where we started scheming?"
Mona: "If you were a guy, you'd already be back on the Sharks. Do you have any idea how much slack he cuts for the football team? 'Offensive Line' doesn't begin to describe what they get away with. I used to work in the VP's office during home room, I know a lot. You should too."

RM. 206

Veronica: "Okay, the next step is to write some anonymous bitchy glow-in-the-dark things on the walls and then turn off the lights and read them to each other. It's possibly I am not understanding how this exercise is supposed to be done."
Jenna: "Not if I can help it! I am going to make this about me!"
Veronica: "Jenna, we're here to break barriers, forge new connections, and own up to bad behavior. Jason can help you write down your bitchy things, I know you guys were in that secret club together, and if not, I'm sure there's somebody you trust..."
Jenna: "-- There is not!"
Veronica: "Keep in mind that this is about forging new connections and owning up to bad behavior, but also about breaking down barriers. The possibilities..."
Everybody: "Oh boy..."

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