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Mona: "Did you know I am also a hacker? And I can impersonate any voice? And I am handy with a spreadsheet? And I can get into the school's financials and easily find ways to blackmail the administration? Did you know that while I was telling you this, I figured out Tamborelli's new password? No big deal, just a random sequence of twelve letters and numbers, some in upper case. Child's play, really."

Emily: "...You are the scariest fucking person. Mama like."


Ella: "Have some wine, girlfriend!"
Veronica: "God, I am going to need jugs of the stuff to get through this shit."
Ashley: "I brought actual jugs!"

Ashley: "I think this Truth Up thing is probably a good idea. Lots of secrets and lying and whatnot."
Ella: "You know what's not a secret? I believe Hanna. I don't think she did it. It could very well just be someone trying to make her look bad."
Veronica, verbatim: "Why? To what end?"

I don't know, that just cracked me up. I love how Veronica's this lawyer that is always so precise and firm about everything, and yet she had Ian and Melissa in her house that whole time doing God knows what, and Spencer's just completely lost her damn mind, and she's actually argued more than once that the girls are being framed over and over for this shit, that shit, the stump, the shovel, the fashion show that should have proved it to everybody forever, whatever, but right now she's just sittin' there like, "To what end?"

Ella: "Do you ever get the feeling that our daughters are being stalked by an unnatural force or conspiracy?"
Ashley: "Ever since she lost Alison, Hanna's been off the chain. And I mean off the chizain."
Ella: "That's part of the reason we went to the frozen north, to distract Aria."

Veronica, verbatim: "I don't think the moment was when they lost Alison. I think it was when they met Alison."
Even The Moms: "Well played. She was pretty gross, now that you mention it."

Veronica Hastings, you are batting 1.000 today! I love the moms on this show! All of them are so awesome, in such different ways! And yet once again I just picture Pam Fields sitting there, feeling uncomfortable and like the other moms are these drunken whores, and it just makes me sad, because I think Pam deserves friends -- other than her vacuum cleaner and Jesus, of course -- but I have no clue how to make that work out for her.

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