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Veronica, downstairs: "...We've been neighbors for fifteen years!"
Alison: "What's going on? Are they splitting up? Do they do this every night?"
Spencer: "No, my dad's just upset because Jason gave Melissa a ride home from Philly, and they got caught making out in the car."
Alison: Love. Ing. It.
Spencer: "Ali, stop. I don't want to hear this."
Alison: "I do! Jason and Melissa? That's juicier than the guy that eats his dates!"

Veronica: "No harm no foul!"

Spencer: "My dad is freaking out over nothing. Melissa's obsessed with Ian, she doesn't even like Jason..."
Veronica: "She better not. That would be a match frowned upon by the Gods."


Hanna: "Sorry I wasn't answering calls, but Caleb has my phone. Hey, is that a huge birthmark on Kate's side? Listen, I've been staring at this photo with my thumb over the nips for like a week now and trust me, there is no birthmark on that picture."
Liars: "Show us!"
Hanna: "No phone. Emily, I bet you still have it."
Emily: "...Sigh, yeah. Ya got me. Here."

Liars: "Okay but to what end? Why would A go to all that trouble to Photoshop her body, if the aim was to humiliate her?"
Hanna: "You guys, clearly this is Kate's doing. It wasn't A. It's not always A."
Liars: "Ah, look at Miss Smartypants explaining to us the nature of things."


Kate: "Hanna, I don't care to hear your apology."
Hanna: "Kate, I don't care to say an apology. I care to say that it was you that sent that picture."
Kate: "Ridiculous. To what end?"
Hanna: "You Photoshopped it..."
Kate: "-- Not all of us have to work as hard as you, Hanna..."
Hanna: "You 'Shopped it, you sent it, you reaped the bitchy rewards. Exhibit A, your birthmark. Yeah, I saw it when you took off your sweater. Bam!"
Kate: "Fine! It was that, or wait for Spencer to send out those weird pictures of me from riding camp! You girls are bitches!"

Hanna: "You know, maybe it's time I really took a picture of you, Kate. Aria, can I borrow your phone?"
(The girls all come out of stalls holding their cameras. AMBUSH!)
Aria: "Yeah, in a minute. I'm using it though. To record this conversation."

See, how much better would that have been if she left off the last clause? Always with the extra bit. Always that extra feather, danglin' from your business. (To what end?) Anyway, they rehash it and do that delightful scriptwriter trick -- "it's genius!" -- where they explain why the plan was genius -- because she gets sympathy, takes a chunk out of Hanna and gets a free-slutty card where all the guys got to see her assets -- in case you weren't there when this was obvious. But it was a nice surprise, so that's fine too.

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