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Hanna: "Caleb still hates her, which reminds me, you have to go find Caleb and tell him to stop cracking or hacking my phone, because he assumes Jenna is behind everything all the time."
Aria: "To what end? And why me? I've still got glass in my hair."
Hanna: "Because you're in the same group, dude. Just go. Find him. If Jenna finds out that he's hacking into my phone, maybe this will cause strife in some way. Meanwhile I have to go show my mom that I am good and Kate is a bitch."


Is empty except for Noel Kahn By Moonlight and Jenna Thing, undulating like serpents with grudges and sexy scary agendas, and the glow-in-the-dark secrets:

I'm still a virgin
My parents are illiterate
I've Never Been Kissed.
Im AFRAID of my dad

Maybe we're the ones seeing them, not Aria, but either way she doesn't seem to care much about them. Not even the last one. Too bad about the illiterate parents. Too bad about all of it, really. Being a teenager is mostly bad. But not all bad! If I were doing a Challenge Day at that age, I guess mine would probably have said something like "LITERALLY ALL I THINK ABOUT IS DOING IT WITH DAWSON LEERY - ALL DAY - EVERY DAY - IT IS EXHAUSTING" with exhausting underlined like six times. I've never been one to keep secrets so there weren't really that many I could have picked from, even back then. Probably that wasn't even a secret, actually.

Hostile Noel Kahn: "Looking for somebody?"
Uncurious Aria: "Sorry, I thought Caleb was in here?"
Hostile Noel Kahn: "He's not."
Both Of Them Creeps: "Is he missing? Hope so. Maybe somebody threw him out with the rest of the garbage."
Aria, awesomely: "Yeah, okay. Well, if he comes back here...?"

I love that. Trapped in a dark room with Noel Kahn plus Jenna Marshall? Fuck it. This is the scariest thing that's possibly ever going to happen, so whatever. Stay frosty, Sodapop.

Holden sees Aria flash by, still looking for Caleb, and gets worried. She heads up to the roof, where it's been said that sometimes Caleb goes and turns into a wolf.


Where is Caleb? The computer lab, doing hacker stuff. You can see him through the window as Spencer makes her way to Jason. They are both having a jacked-up night, huh?

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