Pretty Little Liars
The Naked Truth

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Voicemail Lady: "Leave a message."
Liars: "This is a friend of Vivian's. Can you just give me a call back on this number today? It's really important. Thanks!"


Ashley: "Well, a mistake has been made."
Isabel: "Or your daughter is a bitch!"
Ashley: "Well, point."
Isabel: "Also, this was sent from her phone. I don't see how this is a debate."
Ashley: "She said she didn't do it."
Isabel: "Hanna's resumé speaks for itself. She molests virgins, she drunk-drives into the side of barns, she both gets run over by and runs ghosts over with cars, she throws up on wedding dresses. She murders gambling hermaphrodites at sea."
Ashley: "Again, I cannot disagree."

Isabel: "It's because you're a terrible mother!"
Ashley: "It's because I am a working mother! Because you are a whore that stole my husband!"
Isabel: "I concede your point in turn."

Tamborelli: "This mess does not interest me, but it is quite topical since we're having Challenge Day tomorrow."
Everybody: "What's that?"
Tamborelli: "You should really read the stuff we send home. It's an anti-bullying rally that works wonders on MTV. It's happening tomorrow. It's an all-night lock-in."
Ashley: "Oh, see, I wouldn't even have noticed she was gone. I would be drunk."
Tamborelli: "It's a guided workshop. The goal is to break barriers, forge new connections, and own up to bad behavior. As several people will be saying in that episode. You have to bring a sleeping bag, a toothbrush, and a change in attitude."

...This last so terrifying that it's the kick to the credits.


A sour young lady slams her locker. I think she needs to forge some new connections.

Liars: "So, just to update us from moments ago, people still think you sent that picture that your phone sent to everybody?"
Hanna: "That is the long and the short of it."
Emily: "Did you guys know I'm not on the swim team?"
Liars: "Yeah, Emily. That's your only storyline for the last month."
Emily: "I just didn't want Hanna getting more attention than usual."
Liars: "Would that be because of this new character, the black Vice Principal with the Italian surname?"
Emily: "Yeah. Get ready to retroactively hate him for existing prior to this episode."

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