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The Naked Truth

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Ella! Ella! Ella! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Ella: "Jason, what on earth are you doing here at this high school?"
Jason: "Uh, looking about ten times better than I did before I left."
Ella: "Yeah, it helps that you don't have twink porn hair anymore. So listen, being such an agreeable and forthright young man, would you like to come help out at Truth Up Challenge Day Night tomorrow night?"
Jason: "Will there be tons of young people here that I can talk to about marijuana?"
Ella: "Honestly it's going to be about 90 percent making sure nobody gives anybody else blowjobs."



Hanna: "Come right in! No big deal, just staring weirdly at this naked picture of my stepsister with my thumb over the nips, like I'm constantly doing for some reason."

Ashley: "Hey, honey, this Truth Up thing seems like maybe it'll parent you in a way I have not seen fit to do."
Hanna: "Mom, duh. This whole Truth Up thing is about me bullying that jackass Kate. It's basically a schoolwide referendum on what a bitch I am."
Ashley: "Let's make some lemonade, huh?"
Hanna: "..."
Ashley: "On another note, you know that if anybody was messing with you I would jack them up, right? Just annihilate them?"
Hanna: "That's sweet, but..."
Ashley: "Or I mean, maybe this is my fault. Maybe covering for you all the time..."
Hanna: "-- Ha! Yeah, that's probably it. I'm probably a trainwreck because of how overprotective you are."

Ashley: "I mean, like if I ask you whether somebody's stalking you, you shut me down. When I ask why you're constantly getting framed for awful shit, you shut me down. It's like you don't want me to know there's this vast conspiracy using me as a hostage."
Hanna: "..."
Ashley: "Okay, well. Good talk. I'm going to have some wine."
Hanna: "Mom? I did not do this thing with the picture. But that's all I can say."

Ashley: "My pissed face looks a lot like my worried face."
Hanna: "Honestly, that's the best sign that you're a good mom. Ella's the same way."


Ella goes around being awesome and taking away everybody's cell phones and telling them to get in line, pick a line, it does not matter which line, just do it, cut momma a break. It's adorable.

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