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Holden: "Hey, Aria. It's nice how you're going to be wearing this lovely red top for the bulk of the episode. Thank God Challenge Day wasn't yesterday or we'd be looking at that foul mess all night long."
Aria: "Well, look closer because I'm wearing cutout black jeans like an '80s stripper, but otherwise I do look pretty cute. Anyway, are you hooked on drugs? Or dealing drugs? And who are you secretly dating? And why don't you tell me anything about anything?"
Holden: "Yes. Among the many men of Rosewood, I'm the sketchy one."
Aria: "No, you're adorable even when you're being sketchy. I just... Listen, secrets kill. And right now, you're the only one who seems to be keeping secrets for no real reason. You're not drinking Spooky Milk, you're not molesting any Underaged Girls Who Are Probably Spencer, you were out of the country when Ali died... What else could you possibly be concerned about?"

Holden: "The thing is that all of your suppositions are true. It's not an either/or. I actually am a gay drug-dealing super hero in a Fight Club that is hooked on drugs and dates black girls and is being beaten by his parents."
Aria: "All at the same time?"
Holden: "...No, you idiot."



Aria and Emily have this conversation like six times over the course of the episode:

Emily: "Are there any messages from that number?"
Aria: "What number?"
Emily: "Uh, the phone number we found in Ali's coat."
Aria: "What coat? Who's this now?"

It is weird every time.

RM. 206

Hey Jenna Thing, whatcha knowin'? Oh, just gonna tunelessly play the piano while everybody files in? Sounds like a plan. All minor chords, huh? That's my girl.

Aria: "I will be damned if I'm going to break barriers, forge new connections, and own up to bad behavior in the same room as Jenna."
Caleb: "I hate her too. I have that same paranoia thing you Liars do, where you always think it's Jason or Ian or whoever Spencer's obsessed with each week, only my pool of suspects is limited to Jenna because you're keeping me in the dark about everything and she's the only villain I've come into contact with -- besides Garrett, now -- so I can only assume that everything that happens on this show is due to Jenna."
Aria: "We do that too, about every third episode. And now that she's with Noel Kahn it's like, Who Knows."

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