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Aria is, according to Ezra, "excited by the idea of fiction," which is annoying on many levels but provides Byron with all the ammo he needs to 1) Accuse Ezra of dating his wife, 2) Mean Girl him about Leonard Adams's literary cred, 3) Imply essentially that Ezra is a toddler/retarded, and 4) Threaten.

Hanna and Aria finally find time to explain about the museum tickets and Caleb stalling Ella's car and how that's why he lives at Hanna's house now. Which part of the story not even Aria knew about. Also, Hanna never actually tells them what A has on her mom, which keeps being noticeable to a degree where it is oppressive.

But no, because at this very time in this very store, Jenna is trying on a scary lace nightie with a scary lace merry widow or whatever, underwear words, it's black and looks like creepy spiderwebs but that could just be the effect of Jenna.

"I want it to be perfect. He likes lace!"

Toby does not like lace to any particular degree, I don't think; and Jenna is meeting somebody in a motel room tonight to show him her scary outfit. Any guesses? I mean, we know it's going to be somebody inappropriately old because that's how this show does things, but I can't imagine that Ian is/was actually fucking every underage girl in the entire high school, even the blind incest ones, I mean, that would just strain credibility.

It's hard to explain what is awesome about the scene of Ezra explaining to Aria that her father came after his nuts, but it has to do with the acting of Ian Thomas. It's absurdly funny and Aria is so not having any of it and Ezra just keeps saying, "The man is crazy! A crazy person is your father!" I don't know, it's adorable.

Pam Fields shows up at school and Ella, of course, runs directly to her: "I was going to call you, but then I saw you were coming in for the parent-teacher conferences. I just want you to know that the school is not going to be bullied by Nick McCullers. Everybody here loves Emily!" Pam's like oh shit, what now because everybody in town hates Nick McCullers because he's not pretty on the inside.

"He came in making a big deal about how he thinks Emily's getting special treatment because she's gay, everybody knows Emily's the better swimmer except McCullers..." You know, basically getting the story across and not really watching Pam's face turn all different colors. Pam's like, "He said that shit?" Yeah, in front of everybody, at lunch. "Was Emily there?" Oh girl. Ella's like, "It gets better?"

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