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The Big B.A.D. Wolf

Um, inside Jenna's house it's bright and airy and everything is homey and sparkling clean and you feel good just being there. Not every house can be a home, but this house is every home.

Just kidding! It looks like a place where a giant spider would live after her husband was killed at sea. There is an entire wall of snow-globes and music boxes in one room that is 95% Victorian dolls with knives in their hands and blood on their petticoats. That kind of furniture where you know it would maybe be soft to sit on, but also kind of crumbly and old and uriney maybe, or with a secret hard piece of wood just where it looked softest, and when you sat down a huge dust storm would happen. One room is crawling with snakes and the snakes all have bedbugs and the bedbugs all have Hep C. There is a sex dungeon, one room filled with taxidermied fowl, and there is also a giftwrapping room. One room is just spikes.

Toby's like, "Jenna will know you touched her snowglobe and then she's gonna Annie Wilkes your face up." There's a super fake moment where Spencer "nearly" "drops" the snowglobe she was looking at, and he helps "catch" it before it is "destroyed." This part is lame. Also, when Toby smiles it's kind of like a nightmare. His intensely weird face is doing so many tricks at all times that it's disconcerting to see a trick his face can't do.

So the DA is dropping the murder charges because the sweater blood was "corrupted," and so now everything is going to be fine. Until they discover new evidence, so he's still a POI. But at least he's "free," he smiles freakily, which is nice. You can tell how pleased Spencer is for him, which is neat. I mean, he'll still be a pariah and he'll still be rocking that face of his, but I guess being chained up in the yard with your incest sister probably changes the units of measurement on your scale of "free" pretty drastically. Spencer even offers to take him to the courthouse to get the ankle bracelet removed, which is I think when they both realize that they are friends somehow.

Ashley blew Hanna off when she said Leland was shady, so Caleb has called Syracuse University looking for a James Leland connected with the School of Architecture, and there was, but see he dropped dead two years ago. "You ask a computer Is James Leland related to this Potter lady, the computer says yes. But you didn't ask if James Leland was still alive. Knowing the right questions is better than having all the right answers." Yes. That, and knowing Braille.

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